A Faithful Thriller
from Felony & Mayhem

Faith Zanetti is the woman your mother warned you about — curses like a sailor, drinks like a Scotsman on a spree, and sleeps around like she was getting paid for it. She isn’t, but that’s among the few sins she doesn’t commit, since one of the big perks of her life as a war correspondent is that sniper fire has a nifty way of killing off minor moralities.

Did we mention that she’s also really good at her job? Which in this case has taken her to Jerusalem.

One of the great strengths of The Bad News Bible is that it manages to avoid demonizing either the Palestinians or the Israelis: There’s plenty of villainy to go around, and plenty of equal-opportunity trouble for Faith to stumble into.

The truth is, you wouldn’t really want Faith in your life. She’d suck down your stash of duty-free single-malt, let your dog out, scandalize your neighbors, and call you at 2 in the morning needing someone to post bail. But for a few hours, she is just terrific company.

“This is a keeper: Don’t miss it.” (Booklist, starred review)


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