A “Limitless” Jacket That Has Them Talking


A Style We Love… The “Updated Mugler Jacket” by number35


Why We Love It:

Because Bradley Cooper’s “Limitless” (CBS) TV series debuted last month, bringing us the most fashionable FBI agents anyone has ever seen.

This number35 “Updated Mugler Jacket” — worn by actress Jennifer Carpenter on the hit show — comes with lux leather inserts at the waist and elbows, and is as serious as the character who dons it.


Image Courtesy of CBS Entertainment


On scene — by means of series’ costume designer Daniel Lawson — this cool coat gives power-dressing a whole new meaning.

Lawson, who has his own ready-to-wear capsule collection for number35  (titled “35·DL”), is also the CD on “The Good Wife” so he’s pretty much the chief when it comes to clothing commanding leading ladies.

Looking to dress to impress?  Look no further…the possibilities here are limitless.


Images Courtesy of number35


Brand: number35

Style: Updated Mugler Jacket

Price: $845

Where to Buy:


About number35:

number35 is a British fashion design company and retailer.  Established in 2005, the UK brand is the brainchild of designer Andrea Cecile Cohen.  Currently operating out of two showrooms in Central London, the line is characterized by minimalist, fluid shapes and strong lines, combined to create structured, feminine designs. The psychology behind empowering women through dressing correctly and luxuriously drives the generation of each “designed to fit” garment.

The core number35 customer is a cosmopolitan woman living a life of kids, career, and travel and enjoying a plethora of professional and personal engagements.  Her clothing choices are as fashionable as they are functional and she understands the importance of an Intelligent Wardrobe™.  This concept, the cornerstone of the brand, speaks to the development of a core collection that can take its user from the office to opera seamlessly. Every eventuality is covered.

In 2013, after being featured numerous times on Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies on the stylish TV series, “The Good Wife,” number35 entered in a capsule collaboration with Costume Designer Daniel Lawson.  The spinoff ready-to-wear line, 35·DL, is now in its fourth season, and available online in the UK and US.  Both 35·DL and number35 designs have become a mainstay on “The Good Wife” as well as Lawson’s newest project series, “Limitless.”

In line with the number35 mission to educate and empower women, in 2011 the brand introduced Body Forum™.  Body Forum™ is a program which offers women of all shapes and sizes advice on how to dress to impress, enhancing their physique and body shapes through skillful dressing and the development of their individual ‘Intelligent Wardrobes.” Staged at a number35 showroom or at a company’s corporate headquarters, these presentations are designed to illustrate how careful garment choices–which include color, style and cut–can create the ideal image for a woman in her working environment.

Recent events have included demonstrations to such organizations as Barclay’s Wealth,
Sodexo, and EAVES.


Image Courtesy of CBS Entertainment


About Designer Andrea Cecile: 

Andrea Cecile Cohen is an artist, entrepreneur, and champion of female empowerment.  Both the founder and designer of womenswear line number35, she has since 2005 made it a mission to create smart clothes that above all, are designed to fit, allowing the wearer to function with absolute ease and the utmost self-confidence. Her design hallmarks include employment of exclusive, hard-to-find fabrics, and keen attention to detail.  Andrea’s pristine pieces are most common to the closets of the chic and career-focused.

The daughter and granddaughter of Yorkshire menswear magnates, Andrea had an early introduction to the importance and intricacies of “the fit.” Over time she developed a clear philosophy for her own enterprise: to provide exquisitely cut and tailored individual designs delivered by means of exceptional service.

Before going it alone, Andrea spent much of her career working in the luxury home retail sector managing product development, sales, and marketing.  Some of these stints included such esteemed organizations as Czech & Speake and Royal Auping.

As a successful businesswoman the wardrobe dilemma facing professional women had never been more apparent.  Impassioned by the potential of this new niche market, she enrolled in clothing design and manufacturing courses, and upon completion, immediately went to work. In 2005 she opened number35 showroom in Highgate Village, followed by a second in Fulham Road, in 2008.

Continuing her crusade to encourage and empower, in 2011, Andrea introduced The Body Forum™, a comprehensive style seminar for individuals and women in the workplace, offering practical advice and tips on how to dress with confidence while embracing one’s shape and size.

Andrea Cecile currently resides in London, England.


Image Courtesy of CBS Entertainment


Images Courtesy of number35 and CBS Entertainment