A Movie To Watch This Halloween?
May We Suggest…


Bad Milo! (2013) 


Summary: We don’t want to ruin this one for you, but simply stated this one’s about a man and his subconscious. Pretty tame, right? Sure, but the man’s subconscious is actually a monster that resides up his butt.


Are we kidding you? Nope. This is a real movie. Think Basket Case or Gremlins — plus a man’s tush.


Do we recommend you watch this film on Halloween? Yup, the flick is funny, gross, and engrossing, with a great cast to boot. It also has a running time of 1 hour and 19 minutes – so you can watch a more serious horror flick afterwards.

We’ve added the trailer below, but it contains spoilers, so better skip it if you’re going to give Bad Milo! a true look-see.


How to watch:

* Amazon

* iTunes 

* Cinemax Asia


Happy Halloween! And bottoms up!


Note: The image that leads this story is a stock photo and not related to the movie. It is used for illustrative purposes only. The image — “A jumpy man watching a scary movie” — is courtesy of Peter Bernik/