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Aloha, Calories – Three Tasty Recommendations If You’re Going To Hawaii


Headed to Hawaii and looking for some sweet and salty recommendations? Boy, oh boy, do we have some suggestions for you! 


The Loco Moco: The ultimate surfer meal. A bed of rice covered by a hamburger patty, two sunny-side up eggs and thick turkey gravy. Tasty and satisfying, this protein burst will have you riding the next wave in no time.


Image Courtesy of Leigh Anne Meeks / Shutterstock.com


Hawaiian Sun Guava Nectar Juice: Ridiculously sweet, but somehow quite refreshing, these highly addictive cans of liquid pleasure rate high on the thirst quenching charts.


Image Courtesy of Hawaiian Sun Products


Mauna Loa Mountains: Mauna Loa’s chocolate covered macadamia nuts may make great gifts, but they are hardly gourmet treats. Each candy is drenched in artificial tasting milk chocolate and possesses only a smidge of macadamia. Still, for some reason, we can’t resist these strange confections.  A box of 15 is gone in no time. You’ve been warned!

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