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From Politics to a not-so Wild Child, here’s what’s orbiting our musical universe this week.


Step Rockets, “Kisser”

Clear indie-electronics, Step Rockets is a four-person band from the Land O’ Lakes.


Ghost Beach

A 2014 production, Blonde, became Ghost Beach’s first-ever LP.


The Colourist, “When I’m Away”

Good music, no matter which way you spell it…


Wild Child

We rank this self-proclaimed, “wild” indie-pop band from Texas on the lower, more peaceful end of the emotional spectrum. Here’s a taste of music from their albums, “Pillow Talk” (2011) and “The Runaround” (2013).


Magic Man, “Paris”

Sometimes when you find a good song you can’t exactly explain what it is about that song that makes it so great to your ears. Thus, we’ve deemed this jam, the jam for AWOP 24.


New Politics, “Harlem”

Love Denmark? New Politics consider themselves the Danes that are “Danish as f**k.”


The Unlikely Candidates, “Follow My Feet”

Unlikely circumstances conquered, these fellows earned spots on multiple Billboard charts landing as high as number six.


Royal Teeth

Learn how the InterWeb played its part in forming this Louisiana indie band.


Festival Recap

Weekend is over and it’s Monday. Thankfully we’ve got some quick links to get you up to date on what you’ve missed.

The stage was set in New York with two of the state’s biggest festivals taking place:

1. Governor’s Ball

Best performances through the eyes of our professional critiquing friends at Billboard:

2. Summer Jam

At Hip-Hop’s greatest music festival it was the riots taking place outside of the Meadowlands and not the music performed inside that made headlines.


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