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From Weather Report to Beach House, here’s what’s orbiting our musical universe this week:


Weather Report, “Birdland”

You may be hearing a lot more about Jaco Pastorius. The late bass legend is front-and-centered in “Jaco’s World,” an acclaimed documentary that will be screened in the U.S. through October and then made available for streaming in late November.

For now, Pastorius can be seen here on this 1977 clip, playing with Weather Report on their instrumental hit “Birdland”…


Apt, “A Petty Tantrum”

Not since we heard Self-Destrukt by France’s Chill Bump  have we received a jolt by a simple rap track. NewsWhistle’s Chad Werner brought this one to our attention. It’s Apt’s “A Petty Tantrum,” the second tasting off his new album (almost). To read Chad’s album review of (almost), click here. To get an immediate sense of some real Apt-itude, you’re just an arrow away…


Beach House, “Sparks”

Later this month, Beach House releases their album “Depression Cherry.” Gotta say this song is a bit of a slow, noisy earbend, at first easily dismissable, then hypnotic like the video imagery that accompanies it. Give “Sparks” a full listen. We think the tune will captivate you, too.


The Silversun Pickups, “Nightlight”

From “Lazy Eye” to “Cannibal” to their latest “Nightlight,” The Silversun Pickups should be more of a household name. In fact, we think they’re one of Los Angeles’ best exports. The group’s been around since 2002 – and they can’t stop creating sonic scores that are perfect for motion picture scenes or dusty late night drives. Do you see a band crush developing? If so, cue to the 1 minute 45 second mark and turn on this “Nightlight.”

If the video ain’t your thing, you can hear the song straight-up on NewsWhistle’s latest playlist.


Greg Allman, “One Way Out”

If you’re a fan of the Allman Brothers or country rock, you may want to pony up some pecans for Greg Allman’s live album – Back to Macon, GA – which was released last week.

Here’s Mssr. Allman – and a top backing band — jamming away on the classic “One Way Out.”

Until next week, keep on clickin’ on…


Lead-In Image From “Nightlight” Video Courtesy of The Silversun Pickups


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