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*** BOOK: Gift from the Sea AUTHOR: Anne Morrow Lindbergh YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 1955 *** This book is hard to describe without making it sound slight, or trite, but it is neither. It’s widely considered a classic, and for good reason. *** Anne Morrow Lindbergh had a very unusual life. Her husband, Charles Lindbergh, was … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves – 1955’s Gift from the Sea – A Review

*** Diana Swartz recently invited me to a dinner party at a Italian restaurant in NYC.  She is good company and I like to see her (and the friends we have in common) but this was no ordinary dinner party.  This was a party at which the various guests were assembled to meet some of … Continue reading Changing Cambodia & the World – A Q&A – Diana Swartz, Liger Leadership Academy

*** BOOK: Decorating a Room of One’s Own AUTHOR: Susan Harlan YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2018 *** The subtitle of this book,”Conversations on Interior Design with Miss Havisham, Jane Eyre, Victor Frankenstein, Elizabeth Bennet, Ishmael, and Other Literary Notables,” says it all.  Either you will find this a delightful literary romp, appreciate the nod to Virginia Woolf in the … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves – Decorating a Room of One’s Own