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*** I had never been to any of the Joël Robuchon restaurants, anywhere in the world, before recently trying the new Le Grill de Joël Robuchon (with a bunch of kids on a post-theater trip) and, a few months later, the new L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (with my parents to celebrate my father’s birthday) in … Continue reading Joël Robuchon’s Return to NYC – Our Q&A with Alex Gaudelet, of INVEST HOSPITALITY

*** I  heard from Rose Servitova when I published a review of The Making of Jane Austen by Devoney Looser.  She then sent me a copy of her Jane Austen-inspired book, an epistolary novel called The Longbourn Letters.  An email correspondence followed, and Ms. Servitova kindly agreed to answer some questions for NewsWhistle so our … Continue reading Bromance and Empathy – Our Q&A with Author Rose Servitova

*** After I reviewed The Book of Forgotten Authors, the non-forgotten author, Christopher Fowler, got in touch; we exchanged a few emails about some of our old favorites (including Betty MacDonald, one of my nominees for inclusion in the sequel) and, as I am generally nosy about the creative process, and he is quite courteous, he kindly … Continue reading The Non-Forgotten Author – Our Q&A with Christopher Fowler

The Book of Forgotten Authors – A Review
28 February 2018 by Laura LaVelle

The book contains short pieces about various authors, once better known, who have fallen out of favor, or at any rate, out of the public consciousness.

Catching up with Poet Abdul Fattah Ismail
26 February 2018 by Laura LaVelle

We thought it might be interesting to check in with Abdul Fattah Ismail to see what he’s been up to with his poetry, and he’s always good company.