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*** The 92nd Macy’s Parade kicked off on a frosty, windy morning under sunny blue skies. Marchers huddled for warmth, with balloons tethered low, all awaiting the invitation to “Join the Parade!” Millions lined the streets, bundled in anticipation, to see the bands play, the clowns juggle, and the balloons fly past. The culminating moment? … Continue reading Photo Essay – The 2018 Thanksgiving Day Parade – New York City

*** Diana Swartz recently invited me to a dinner party at a Italian restaurant in NYC.  She is good company and I like to see her (and the friends we have in common) but this was no ordinary dinner party.  This was a party at which the various guests were assembled to meet some of … Continue reading Changing Cambodia & the World – A Q&A – Diana Swartz, Liger Leadership Academy