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Fit, Fab, Fur – Forget New Year’s Resolutions, Choose Your New Year’s Word


This NewsWhistle Classic was first published on December 30, 2013.


On Jan. 2nd, 2012, my husband and an old friend (nickednamed “Husband No. 2”) were catching up over dinner. We had both returned from our year-end vacations and gone to work for the first day of the year. Not yet stocked up on groceries or basic necessities, we needed to eat out.

Over dinner, Husband No. 2 made a compact and succinct suggestion, that we should come up with one word and one word only that would become our New Year’s Resolution. The one word would be the theme that would guide our life, help our decision-making, and lead us to a better self at the end of 2012.

This would not be your typical “learn a new language” or “go to the gym at least twice a week” — resolutions that are never are kept and frankly become annoying and burdensome, especially as you enter February.

This new New Year’s Resolution would be all-embracing, a friend, and ally, helping us out at difficult crossroads without being restrictive or flagellating.

Husband No. 2 picked FIT. He would direct his life towards fitness: financial fitness, physical fitness, fitness in love and life.

I jumped in and chose FAB. In terms of personality, aura, style, and of course, lifestyle…

And my husband picked FUR. Opulence, extravagance, luxuriousness, also over the top, unnecessary…. We bemused whether this was a good guiding light when facing a fork in life, but he decided to stick with it.

Wine over dinner turned to single malt scotch, the night turned into a bender, Fallen Angels [a NewsWhistle fave] on the screen between my own falling eyelashes, and the inevitable early morning spicy beef noodle soup to cure the hangover. Needless to say Jan. 3rd was a sick day for all of us.

Two things happened that night. One was that we came up with a new – and Fabulous – way of setting New Year’s Resolutions. The other was that we, or at least Husband No. 2, may have broken them already. (Indeed, he later re-set his start date to be Lunar New Year’s Day.)

However, these resolutions helped us through the ups and down of 2012, more than one difficult life decision to make and many day-to-day choices, and sitting around the fireplace in the same circle in a different city at the end of 2012 we declared, the resolutions were still alive, and that we were more FIT, FAB, FUR than we were at the beginning of the year. As we momentarily contemplated picking new words for 2013, we made a pact to stick with FIT, FAB, FUR for another year.

Pick your New Year Word! And if you need any help, find your buddies and huddle over a tumbler of single malt on the rocks [CLICK HERE FOR OUR WHISKEY OF THE YEAR STORY]. It’s a great way of catching up, seeing New Year’s promises in a new light, and sharing war stories of your New Year Word!

Hope you and yours have a [INSERT YOUR WORD HERE] 2018!

— end it —

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