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Hurricane Harvey & Other Tragedies – This Is World News In Focus


Climate: In a developing story, Hurricane Harvey, the strongest in 13 years, hit the Texas coast on Saturday, bringing heavy rainfall and flooding as it moved inland, according to reports.

Several people have been killed — with tens of thousand evacuated and thousands of state and national guard members called up. At one point, more than 300,000 customers across Texas were without electricity.

While the hurricane has lessened to a tropical storm, it will continue to shower the area with rain for more days, according to The Guardian.

Already Harvey has been called “a landmark event” by one US official.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, Severe Typhoon Hato devastated the casino-city of Macau last Wednesday, as hurricane-force winds and torrential downpours killed 12 people and caused widespread power blackout and suspension of the territory’s fresh water supply.

The storm also wreaked havoc in Hong Kong Wednesday, forcing business to come to a standstill.  It is estimated that Hato cost the city up to $1 billion in damages and disruptions to economic activities.

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Denmark: A strange murder mystery is unfolding in Scandanavia as the remains of Swedish journalist Kim Wall have been found.

The 30-year-old freelance writer, who has reported for the New York Times and the Guardian, interviewed inventor Peter Madsen in his 18-metre submarine, the UC 3 Nautilus, on August 10.

The submarine sank the next day and Kim Well was reportedly missing since then.

An armless, legless and headless female body was found last Monday on the Copenhagen waterside and was identified to belong to Kim Well, according to reports.

At one point, Madsen admitted Wall died in an accident and he disposed of her body.  But he denied all other accusations, including committing a murder, desecrating a corpse and sinking the submarine on purpose.

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Middle East: Qatar restored full diplomatic ties with Iran on Thursday with the announcement that it would send its ambassador back to Tehran.

Qatar broke off relations with Iran in January 2016, after two Saudi diplomatic facilities in Iran were attacked.

The move will likely infuriate Saudi Arabia and its allies who may see Qatar’s flirtation with Iran a deliberate revenge to their punitive boycott in June.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut their air and sea routes to Qatar, and closed its only land border with Saudi Arabia after accusing their Muslim brethren of supporting terrorism and having a close relationship with Iran, which is Saudi’s bitter Shia sectarian rival in the region.

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Environment: A study reveals that ExxonMobil, America’s largest oil producer, has misled the public for decades about the global dangers of climate change.

The peer-reviewed study was conducted by Harvard researchers Naomi Oreskes and Geoffrey Supran.  The findings were published on Wednesday in the Environmental Research Letters journal.

Oreskes and Supran reviewed nearly 200 of Exxon’s research documents and public statements.  While Exxon’s climate change studies and internal communications acknowledged that climate change was real and was caused by human activities, the corporation’s public statements often conveyed an opposite, skeptical stance, the researchers said.

Exxon spokesman Scott Silvestri dismissed the latest study as “inaccurate and preposterous” and said the researchers’ goal was to attack the company’s reputation at the expense of its shareholders, according to the Guardian.

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