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Lolo HoiHoi – Seven Creative Questions for HK Illustrator Clayton Chau


Anyone interested in illustration should check out the “Aubergine” experiences of Lolo Hoihoi, the creation of Hong Kong-based artists Wing Lo and Sheung Yin “Clayton” Chau.

As Clayton says: “The story is about the daily life of two girls that everyone may encounter. In fact we have so many memories especially about our travelling experience. I’d like to draw it out as the Lolo Hoihoi story, and let it share what life’s about.

“Lolo was born having an aubergine-like face, and has a happy, yet tricky life. Hoihoi is a blessed Chinese girl with a kind heart.

“These ‘Aubergine’ stories (lolo / 路路, hoi hoi / 海海) are about their interesting life. We often face difficulties in our life and we hope they can make you recall something happy in your own.”




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NAME: Clayton Chau 

COMPANY: Wing Art Workshop

 HOMETOWN: Hong Kong




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I’m the co-founder of Wing Art Workshop, and a full-time illustrator who has been in the design industry for nearly 20 years. My work has been seen in film and TV settings, theatre productions and shopping mall decorations. I’m currently cooperating with Wing Lo to create stories and illustrations for Lolo Hoihoi.



“Lolo and Hoihoi stand for mutual love and happiness. They enjoy the simple life… and directly make me happy.”


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1. How long have you been an artist? And what is your earliest art memory

I’ve been an artist since 2015, but as a designer I’ve been around for 19 years.


2. Who is the best new artist to emerge in the last five to ten years? Why?

itchyhands. I like some funny and creative art.


3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard (business, dating or otherwise)? And do you follow it?

My friends and some companies say that Lolo Hoihoi should appear in books and animation, but we haven’t enough staff and money to do that.


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4. What is your favorite place to shop, anywhere in the world, and why?

I’m always shopping on, easy to shop. And I also visit, easy-to-ship snow wear.


5. What music, movie, book or magazine gets you ready to paint, sketch or brainstorm?

All Hollywood movies, and Japanese music.


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6. What is the question a person should ask you, and how would you answer?

Q: “Can we cooperate with Lolo Hoihoi?”

A: “Sure, Lolo Hoihoi is ready .”


7. If you could only spend US$250, what art piece or pieces would you buy right now on eBay?

Maybe… some quick sketches or base artwork… not sure.


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 Images Courtesy of Clayton Chau and Lolo Hoihoi



Designer Philippe Vergez

Illustrator Bonnie Pang

Artist Rafael Lanfranco

* Painter Laura Lancaster

Designer Nina Dornheim

Fashion Designer Lan Yu

Laurel Berman, Founder, Black Halo

Minika Ko, KOVASKY

Painter Jaime Poblete Aravena

Portraiture Artist Tiffany Von Hoff

Writing On It All’s Zina Goodall

Paintzen CEO Mike Russell

Filmmaker Michael Rush

* Actress Zoe Lau

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