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My 5 Favorite Places In Los Angeles – Aleks Horvat – Owner – theOffice


Amy Prenner, of the Prenner Group, reached out to us about a magical communal workspace that’s just reopened in Los Angeles County.

It’s called the theOffice, and according to Prenner, “the quiet communal workspace reopened its doors in Santa Monica after briefly closing and relocating from its original home in Brentwood. theOffice is known for its quiet, distraction-free environment (phone calls and conversations are only permitted outside). The new location also features free Wi-Fi, lockers for overnight storage, a new sound-proof lounge for lunch and quiet conversation and free, onsite parking.

“In short, TheOffice has been a creative home for some of the most notable film and TV writers working today. Before Soho House, WeWork, or Neuehouse had planted their flags, TheOffice was the destination for writers seeking a work environment free of ringing cellphones and baristas yelling out coffee orders. Between its history and the notable projects writers have generated there over the years, theOffice boasts many notable alumni.


w_officebranding_2018-1748Courtesy of Aleks Horvat and theOffice


“Celebrity success stories include actress and author Brooke Shields, who wrote the first words of her book on postpartum depression at theOffice. Charter members include Shields’ husband, TV writer Chris Henchy, screenwriter/director Joss Whedon (writer/director of Marvel’s “The Avengers” and creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), screenwriters Blake Herron (“The Bourne Identity”), Jim Uhls (“Fight Club”), and Marc Hyman (“Showdogs,”).

“Other notable alumni include J.J. Abrams, Chris Weitz, Jennifer Grey and husband Clark Gregg (actor/writer, “What Lies Beneath,” writer/director of Choke), Gigi Levangie (writer of Stepmom and The Starter Wife), Mark Cullen, screenwriter “Cop Out,” David Scarpa, screenwriter “All The Money in the World,” starring Christopher Plummer and Michelle Williams, Victoria Strouse, screenwriter “Finding Dory,” and Noah Oppenheim, screenwriter of “Jackie” and “The Maze Runner.”


aleks horvatCourtesy of Aleks Horvat


As we’re always looking for LA tips, we thought it would be a great idea to ask screenwriter Aleks Horvat (pictured above), the owner of theOffice, to write down some of his favorite places in Los Angeles County for us.

His five suggestions, in no particular order, are below.


Number 1: Milo + Olive, on Wilshire Blvd.

MiloOlive-Exterior-Photo-Credit-Emily-Hart-RothPhoto by Emily Hart Roth

Says Horvat: “Small menu that never disappoints. Been going there every week for the last few years. Friendly staff, delicious food.”


Number 2: Bike ride down San Vicente Blvd, down to Ocean Avenue.

Video by Motty B

Says Horvat: “There’s nothing in LA that compares to that wide boulevard with the grass divider and elegant trees. Nothing says LA more than San Vicente Blvd.”


Number 3: The Brentwood Country Mart.

Video by Todd Nathanson (pictured above)

Says Horvat: “A spot that shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting Los Angeles. Set in a historical structure, it houses several eateries such as Farm Shop and Café Luxxe.”


Number 4: Will Rogers Park. 

Video – philrodrigue /

Says Horvat: “One of LA’s best kept secrets. Whether you want to hike or picnic, or watch polo matches, it’s got everything one might want in a park. An antidote to the hustle and the bustle of the city.”


Number 5: Yogaworks on Montana.

yogaworksPhoto – Yogaworks, Santa Monica

Says Horvat: “Putting aside the great teachers (Chad Hamrin!), the West Room with its big open windows provides a stunning view of the Santa Monica Mountains and sunset during the evening yoga classes, especially if you’re on the first row.”


Lead-In Image Courtesy of Aleks Horvat and theOffice