Archangel Uriel Ring
by Queen of Light Jewelry

$1,010.00 $859.00


Deon Lai, the founder of Queen of Light Jewelry, decided to launch her Hong Kong-based company after a spiritual trip to Egypt several years ago.

Deon incorporates modern design with components of Egyptian jewelry – and the results are impressive.

Deon’s pieces are solid, beautiful and sophisticated. Truly enchanting!

One of our favorite creations is her Archangel Uriel Ring – an 18K Rose Gold delight overflowing with the  of Spinel, Garnet and Morganite.

It’s an exuberant piece – filled with spirit and floral sparkle.


Product description

From Queen of Light Jewelry: “The ring consists of four pear-shaped stones – pink/ violet Spinel, Garnet and light pink Morganite, which add extra majestic light to the creation, echoed to Uriel’s unique representation of the light of God. The eternal ring design goes well anytime and anywhere. Various stone colour combinations available.”


Pricing: US$859; Contact Queen of Light Jewelry for enquiry on size availability.


Shipping info: Ships worldwide from Hong Kong.


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About Deon Lai

From Deon: “I am an experienced fundraiser, a yoga practitioner, an aroma therapy follower and now a jewelry designer. Most importantly, I am just an ordinary person who dares to dream. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you take the first step… and are determined to make it happen… Your dream will come true one day with your perseverance.

“The birth of my inaugural Archangel Rings Collection cannot come true without the spiritual guidance and unfailing support from my teachers, friends and family, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to them all. And I would also like to dedicate this Collection to my beloved late father.” 


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