by Frankie Simone

From Noisy Ghost PR:

“Frankie Simone offers a vision of pop music as a conduit for collective enlightenment, self-empowerment and awakening. Pop rarely transcends the constraints of dominant culture — but Simone’s incantations of radical self-love aren’t just transcendent, they’re transformative. Frankie Simone’s music exists, she says, ‘to celebrate every type of human.’

“… Her vision is confident and fearless—especially for an artist just getting started on her musical journey—and she’s eager to share the credit with [wife] Luna. Sharing the stage, they create something both powerful and vulnerable, soulful and radical. ‘We are each other’s biggest fans,’ Simone says. ‘We champion each other and we push each other. We have big dreams, and together we truly know we’re unstoppable.’

“Simone is a High Priestess of Pop: the stage is her pulpit, and her message of love and acceptance is universal.”

Her first-ever EP drops June 1.



  • US$5 (digital streaming + download); or
  • US$15 (laser-etched one-sided vinyl EP +  streaming + download)



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Images Courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR, Frankie Simon, and Infinite Companion; Portraits by Photographer Ben Sellon