No. 5 Sunglasses For Men


Eyewear design requires talent and skills. Shapes, colours and textures are meant to highlight a person’s unique features and style.

Philippe Vergez is considered a master of the form. Called “the Manolo Blahnik of eyewear,” Philippe’s designs have adorned numerous celebrity faces and protected many famous and beautiful eyes.

Fortunately for all of us, Philippe has designed a new line of luxury accessories, including stunning eyewear, under his PHILIPPE V banner.

All of PHILIPPE V’s handmade frames feature Italian acetate, German hinges and metal parts — along with custom CR39 organic lenses produced by the French company Essilor.

One of our favorite pair of PHILLIPE V sunglasses is called No. 5. To us, the design is part Steampunk, part Brando in The Wild One.

If you’re looking for cool and memorable frames, you’ve pulled into the right part of town.

Available in silver/silver; silver/green; gold/brown; and gold/red.


Price: $335


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Philippe V values individuality and encourages it through sleek and sophisticated styles designed for the 21st century.

Similar to a members-only club, the brand aims to unite like-minded individuals by giving them a sense of belonging and letting them express their nonconforming identity, through the art of design and historical iconography.

From belts and cufflinks to sunglasses to tee shirts, PHILIPPE V’s unique pieces incorporate looks and materials that are designed to stand the test of time.

Make your mark in the world. Refuse to be tamed.


Essilor Sun Solution lenses stand out for very high standards of quality and innovation featuring scratch resistant and inner anti-reflective coatings and front oleophobic treatment to keep fingerprints off.


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