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Seven Creative Questions for Los Angeles Artist Tiffany Von Hoff


Tiffany Von Hoff is a portrait artist living in Los Angeles.

Her work is strong and impressionistic and skilfully captures the moods and attitudes of the people she paints.

Just look at this study of actress Lauren Bacall and you can see why. The oil pastel piece is wonderfully noir, seductive and fun.


To see some other captivating pieces and to learn more about Tiffany and her work, we invite you to read on.

Without further ado…




tiff von hoff

NAME: Tiffany Von Hoff (above)

AGE: 26


HOMETOWN: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

CURRENT TOWN: Los Angeles, California

OCCUPATION: Fine Art Portraitist



I’m Swiss-American Taiwanese. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost two years now. Come August I will have lived in the United States for six whole years. Before my journey into America, I had spent most of my life in Singapore and Switzerland – graduating high school in Hong Kong and then heading back into Europe in pursuit of my artistic endeavors and to travel some more. I wound up in Brooklyn, New York in 2011 studying Art History at Pratt Institute School of Art and Design. Later on I worked as a personal assistant to a former Art History professor, a gallery director in Lower Manhattan, and a couple of artists based out of Brooklyn in Red Hook and Williamsburg.

In between New York City and Los Angeles, I decided to take some time off for a studio residency in the countryside where my father had grown up (Asheboro, North Carolina). It was during this time that I had made up my mind on a career in fine art. Since then I’ve been able to establish myself and my studio space located in downtown of Los Angeles, California.


Break Free, 2008, oil pastels on canvas, 18″ x 24″, prints available upon request.


PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR ART: My artwork focuses mainly on people as my subject: close-ups of faces as well as the figure of the human body. Up until recently, my medium of choice has been in oil pastels on canvas or wood. I’ve also been working in acrylic paint in more of an abstract nature, but still within the boundaries of representational forms. I create my portraits as a means to convey my thoughts and the sentimental value that I feel towards others. It’s not so much about me though, as it is about what I see in them. And it is for that reason that I take interest in portraying this “inner psyche” of the human mind and the right that we all possess in the freedom of individual expression.




1. How long have you been an artist? And what is your earliest art memory?

I have had the dream to pursue art for as long as I can remember. From a young age, I just knew that I couldn’t see myself doing anything else that would make me just as happy. My earliest art memory was around two to three years old. At the time my family lived in an apartment in Hong Kong. My parents let me have at it on the walls of the hallway in our home. Every day I would fill another space with scribbles and all sorts of doodles using crayons, colored pencils, and markers.


2. Who is the best new artist to emerge in the last five to ten years? Why?

It’s hard to say… There are so many talented artists emerging from social media these days, but I have always had my eye on British painter Jenny Saville. As I come from an art history background, I feel that the rise in female artists in the art world today is incredibly significant, in the sense that we view this kind of art specifically through the lens of the female gaze. Saville’s work is based around female nude portraiture and it’s an eye-opener for me to see beauty portrayed under a different light as opposed to just the stereotype of the “male artist and his muse.”


Ernest James, 2015, oil pastels on canvas, 16″ x 20″, prints available upon request.


3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve heard (business, dating, or otherwise)? And do you follow it?

Be a free spirit. I’ve always lived my life along these lines.. And what it really means is to go with your gut feeling and to do what is best for your soul.


4. What is your favorite place to shop, anywhere in the world, and why?

I’m not much of a shopper, but when I do have the chance to splurge, it’s the thrift stores in Los Angeles, California. Prices are always reasonable and you never know what gems you might find!


edieEdie Sedgwick, 2016, oil pastels on clayboard, 11″ x 14″, prints available upon request.


5. What music, movie, book, or magazine gets you ready to paint, sketch or brainstorm?

I listen to quite a few genres of music to get me in the mood to paint. It varies from groups like Thievery Corporation to classical music to a whole lot of jazz. I also like to watch movies based on other artists and the story of their lives to understand their chosen path and what inspired them to do what they do and then how they went about it.


6. What is the question a person should ask you, and how would you answer?

“Could you paint a portrait for me?” The answer would be yes, of course.


when i met ya
When I Met Ya, 2014, oil pastels on canvas, 16″ x 20″, not for sale.


7. If you could only spend US$250, what art piece or pieces would you buy right now on eBay?

Valeriya Chavdarova is a friend of mine who works with animal skulls and paints them and adds all kinds of precious stones and jewelry onto them. The skulls are then mounted onto a wooden oval canvas to be displayed on the wall. She sells her art online for a couple hundred a piece and it’s the creativity that she puts into each skull that captivates me the most  : )


Flower Society, 2016, acrylic on wood, 24″ x 36″, commissioned and sold.


All images courtesy of Tiffany Von Hoff



* Designer Philippe Vergez

* Illustrator Bonnie Pang

* Artist Rafael Lanfranco

* Painter Laura Lancaster

* Designer Nina Dornheim

* Fashion Designer Lan Yu

* Laurel Berman, Founder, Black Halo

* Minika Ko, KOVASKY

* Painter Jaime Poblete Aravena

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