The Nomad Throw
by Norlha

Norlha Textiles is a brand that designs, produces and sells timeless yak textiles made by nomads in the Tibetan Plateau, one of the most remote environments and fragile ecosystems in the planet.

Norlha’s yak wool products range from lush scarves to stylish blankets to amazing clothes. Take one look at their site and — like many of today’s top fashion houses — you’ll be instantly enchanted by their creations.

One of Norlha’s must-haves is their Nomad Throw, a comfy handwoven shawl/throw made from 100 percent yak khullu, which is the soft down from the first molting of the baby yak.

This signature texture — with its all-embracing softness — makes it the perfect everyday companion.

The shawl/throw is available in two sizes, bordered by 4cm of unknotted fringe, and comes in three natural yak colors: brown (the most common); grey (representing about 10% of the wool harvested each year); and white (from rare albino yaks which exist in herds in remote areas of the Tibetan Plateau).



Please note the throw comes in the Nomad Nets or Nomad Classic style. The Nomad Nets is a lighter weave, perfect for a fall breeze, but not as heavy as a blanket. The Nomad Class features a tighter weave, a slightly thicker option for the same throw.

For Nomad Nets or Nomad Classic – sized 70 x 190 cm:

US$635 / CN¥4,030 (brown);

US$635 / CN¥4,030 (grey); and

US$700 / CN¥4,465 (white)

For Nomad Nets or Nomad Classic – sized 110 x 220 cm:

US$925 / CN¥5,890 (brown);

US$925 /CN¥5,890 (grey); and

US$1,165 / CN¥7,440 (white)




Shipping Information: Contact Norlha for details.


Care Label: Dry clean only.


About Norlha:

Norlha’s atelier is located at 3,200 meters above sea level in the village of Zorge Ritoma, Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province, China, home to 1,500 nomads, 6,000 yaks and 20,000 sheep.

Norlha’s 120 employees take pride in their work and the creation of a brand that upholds the ethics of authenticity, sustainability, quality, and tradition.

Through a fusion of local knowledge from Tibet, India, Nepal, Cambodia, and China, Norlha has developed its own proprietary know how that constantly transforms yak fiber into the next generation of luxury textiles.

At Norlha, yak becomes a noble, exceptionally luscious, durable, supple, and warm fiber that the world is just starting to discover, an example of true quality made through genuinely sustainable methods.



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