We didn’t want to reach out to friends who lost loved one for a quote. We didn’t want to contact strangers for a retelling. And we certainly didn’t want to tell our own stories.

Instead, we just want to be mindful of the day, September 11th, and its aftermath, and say that we . . .

* Send our sympathies to everyone who suffered or are still suffering;
* Send our best wishes to the responders who are still hurting;
* Send our respect to U.S. and coalition forces at home and abroad; and
* Send our thanks to the international community that shared America’s pain 18 years ago.

It’s September 11th – and for NewsWhistle it’s a day to remember that evil deeds do not prevail, freedom is beautiful and precious, and there’s no time like the present to make a more positive, peaceful difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Later, we will raise a glass, have a private moment or two, and get back to the bettering.

And with that . . . much love to you and yours,

Your Friends at NewsWhistle


Photo Courtesy of Keith Allen Hughes/Shutterstock.com


This remembrance first appeared on NewsWhistle on September 11, 2012.