A Chilling Murder Mystery
From Felony & Mayhem

Launched a decade ago, New York’s Felony & Mayhem Press offers the best in intelligent mystery fiction, reprinting hundreds of out-of-print titles for fans of page-turners and whodunnits.

Season of the Monsoon — first published in 1993 —  is one of these thrillers.

The first in a three-part series, this Paul Mann-penned mystery follows the fictional adventures of Inspector George Sansi, a Bombay police detective who’s used to struggling for order in one of the world’s most exuberantly chaotic cities.  But a mutilated corpse discovered in Bollywood taxes even Sansi’s formidable skills.

Could the murder have been a cult initiation gone hideously wrong? Was it the work of a serial killer? Was the victim killed as part of a political cover-up?

Answering these questions will take Sansi from Bombay’s teeming slums to the film community’s palaces of excess and the menacing haunts of India’s underworld. It will uncover a vast web of corruption that stretches from the powerful to the utterly powerless. And it will leave Sansi running for his life.

“A classic noir thriller, harrowing and memorable” — Publishers Weekly


Paperback Price: $14.95


Shipping Information: Felony & Mayhem charges $3 for the first book shipped within the Continental U.S., with an additional $1 for each additional book; shipping is free on orders of 6 books or more. For shipments outside the Continental U.S., please e-mail Felony & Mayhem.


About Felony & Mayhem Press:

Felony & Mayhem Press (F&M) recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Founder Maggie Topkis owned a mystery bookshop in NYC’s Greenwich Village for nearly 20 years, and F&M is a direct descendant of that store. She loves the press — and is thrilled to bring back into print many books that had wrongly been disappeared from bookshelves — but she misses making recommendations to readers. She’s proud to note that F&M has had four books shortlisted for the Edgar Award (the Oscars of the mystery-world), and is delighted to have more than 300 titles in print.



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