A Controversial Film From India – Our Movie Review of Haraamkhor


Films From India – Our Movie Review of Haraamkhor


Movie: Haraamkhor

Director: Shlok Sharma

Producer: Shlok Sharma, Guneet Monga

Cast:  Shweta Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Master Mohammad Samad

Music: Jasleen Royal


The common saying nowadays in India is that you either make a Bollywood film, an indie film, or a film starring Nawazuddin “Nawaz” Siddiqui.

No quarrel here, Nawaz is a great actor; but in Haraamkhor, his skills are wasted in a stretched tale, which finds a teacher having a relationship with a student.

The word “haraamkhor” refers to a cunning slacker who strays from the path of good. It’s a derisive term heavily used in everyday India, and it finds relevance as Nawaz first eyes a teenage girl in his math class and later cuddles up to her.

So wrong, right? Well, there’s a lot twisted with this film:

  1. The movie leans heavily on Nawaz in the lead role, giving little to others to do;
  1. Nawaz was brilliant in the golf comedy Ali. His performance in this film falls flat; and
  1. Most importantly, the romance is wrong, illogical, and painful to watch.

Strangely, if you’re a fan of Indian cinema, we still think you’re going to watch this movie – once, if not more.

One reason is the candid portrayal of the girl’s classmate (played by Irfan Khan). It rescues the film just when you are about to succumb to agitation or drowsiness.

The second reason is the final scene, which is beautifully created, and synced to soul-stirring music. The ending is nothing less than screen magic, even if it lasts for five minutes or so.

As for the third and fourth reason, everyone’s talking about the film, and it’s receiving rave reviews.

Despite some positives, there are better movies out there, films that tap into our bright culture and leave you riveted and filled with emotion – regardless of whether or not they star the mighty Nawaz.


Rating: (one to five whistles, five being the best): 3 Whistles


Contributor Dev Tyagi can be contacted at dev@newswhistle.com


Lead-In Image Courtesy of Sikhya Entertainment



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