A Cool Style Collaboration — Alice-Inspired Jewelry From Disney and Carrie K.

It’s not curiouser and curiouser. It’s welcome and divine.

Disney and Singapore designer Carrie K. have joined forces to create playful jewelry — along with one very special accessory — inspired by the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


Below are a few of our favorite pieces from the partnership’s Keyhole and Time collections.

For more information, please visit https://www.carriekrocks.com/collections/alice.




FROM THE KEYHOLE CAMPAIGN – The Keyhole Choker – USD$930


FROM THE CARRIE K. WEBSITE: “The Keyhole collection is designed around the theme of perspective. Handcrafted in sterling silver, this statement neckpiece  consists of a silver choker and a removable silver chain and straw with the words “DRINK ME” inscribed in reverse. You can wear on its own as a choker without the straw, or as a statement neckpiece in the shape of a keyhole. The silver DRINK ME straws are available in silver, or silver plated with 14K rose gold or yellow gold.”


FROM THE TIME CAMPAIGN – Time Pendulum Earrings – USD$660


FROM THE CARRIE K. WEBSITE: “Featuring gears as the visual icon of time, the Time Pendulum Earrings may be worn in three different ways — just as an ear stud, or ear stud backed by the gear detail or the ear stud, gear back and with the gem dangling to create a statement ear piece. Handcrafted in sterling silver, you have the option of silver with Blue Topaz gems OR silver plated with 14K yellow gold matched with red Garnet gems for a touch of luxury.”


FROM THE KEYHOLE CAMPAIGN – Time Gear Signet Ring – USD$300


FROM THE CARRIE K. WEBSITE: “Featuring gears as the visual icon of time, the Time Gear ring showcases a glass dome that subtlely hides a gear motif visible only when you look at the ring overhead. A little reminder of the preciousness of time. Handcrafted in sterling silver, with the option of silver, plated with 14K yellow gold and rose gold.”




Images Courtesy of Disney & Carrie K. (who we’re thrilled to be promoting in our Summer Catalogue).