A Designer We Love – Marlo Laz


A Designer We Love: Marlo Laz


What’s To Love: Marlo Laz is on a hot streak with her latest jewelry collection. Her earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings radiate with the sizzle of the American Southwest.  Below are images from Marlo Laz’s new lookbook, appropriately titled “Desert Rising.”


Marlo Laz image 1

One-Of-A-Kind Desert Rising Collier: Periwinkle Tanzanite, Strawberry Tourmaline, Magenta Tourmaline, Rose Morganite, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Heather Lolite, Spessartite Garnet, Fire Sapphires, Sea Foam Tourmaline, Dusty Morganite, Berry Tourmaline, Honey Tourmaline, and Ice Blue Zircon


Marlo Laz image 2

Full Circle Choker: Purple Tanzanite, Rhodolite


Margo Laz Image 3

Pour Toujours Heart Coin Necklace: White Diamond


Marlo Laz image 4

Short Arrow Earrings Pavé Diamonds: White Diamond, Red Garnet, Tanzanite, and Orange Sapphire


Margo Image 5

Guiding Light Necklace: Multi-Colored Sapphires


Marlo Laz image 6

Guiding Light Microhoops: White Diamond; Guiding Star Pinky Ring: White Diamond



marlo laz portrait
Jesse Marlo Lazowski


“Marlo Laz is a fine jewelry brand founded by creative director and designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski in 2014. The Marlo Laz Collection was created for the bon-vivants and aesthetes of the world who have an appreciation for the rare, unexpected and the exquisite.

“Jesse’s fascination with jewelry began at the early age. She inherited this appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship from her aunt, an antique jewelry dealer. At the age of 13, she was gifted a pink ruby and diamond bow brooch that belonged to her grandmother, Miriam. She eventually transformed the heirloom brooch into a modern necklace, becoming her first step into the world of jewelry design.

“Jesse left connecticut to attend high school in Switzerland, and later attended the American University of Paris where she earned a degree in art history and communications. She credits a trip to India for rediscovering her passion for jewelry design where she found herself extending time in Jaipur to work with a team of artisans, designing and overseeing the production of what would become her first jewelry collection.

“After years of traveling and living abroad, she returned to New York City and attended the Gemology Institute of America.

“Taking its collectors beyond borders, Jesse’s sense of wanderlust and bohemian spirit resonates deep within the brand’s identity. She views her creations as miniature luxuries, both timeless and worldly but above all, keepsakes that make up the ultimate jewelry cabinet of curiosities.”


Images Courtesy of Margo Laz and LuxCartel


marlo 2

Full Circle Ring: Turquoise, Orange Sapphire; Full Circle Earrings: Turquoise, White Diamond; and Full Circle Choker: White Pearl, White Diamond



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