A Fashionable Q&A with…
Celebrity Hairstylist Angelo David Pisacreta

In NewsWhistle’s weekly question-and-answer series, Clara Morgan speaks with some of the world’s top influencers and finds out more about their lives and careers.

This week, Clara speaks with Angelo David Pisacreta, founder and creative director of Angelo David Salon and Couture Hair specialist. Angelo is a world-renowned stylist and colorist, and the developer of The Angelo David Hair Care collection, which includes his fabulous VOL line.

By pairing his impeccable designing skills with artistic cutting, coloring and styling abilities, Angelo has transformed even the most challenging hair into lust-worthy locks.

Additionally, Angelo and his salon are renowned for their Couture Hair solutions that address any hair challenge. The customization of Couture Hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces, ponytails and additions are 100-percent human hair and are designed on-site to match each client’s hair texture, type and color, as well as lifestyle.

During an initial consultation, clients and their specialist explore every option together. When designing is completed, the Couture Hair is custom-fitted and seamlessly applied, using the ideal attachment method for the individual.

Then, the hair is cut and styled for flawless blending. Like haute couture designs, everything about Couture Hair is original and personalized. The result of years of research and development, for fine, thinning hair it can solve any hair challenge.

For more information about Angelo and the Angelo David Salon, visit: www.AngeloDavid.com




1. What makes Angelo David Couture Hair different from other hair extensions?

Customization is one of our biggest aspects as we customize according to our clients’ needs. For our Couture Hair pieces, for example, a hair sample is taken and sent out to the lab, where it is matched with a customized color and hair type. Most salon uses readymade hair. We are “the Vera Wang of extensions” premier salon in New York City.


2. You are launching your new salon this fall, what features are unique to Angelo David?  

Private VIP rooms, client consultation room, couture hair extensions, wig, pieces, fringes and we are located in a prime location in New York. Everything we do is customized accordingly to our clients’ needs.


3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who do you want to meet? And why?

I have met Tony Robbins once (just a quick hand shake). I would love to spend the day with him, to see how and what about him inspires people to want to do better.


4. Who influences your personal style?

Living and working in New York has inspired my style by allowing me to hand pick from people I find interesting.


5. Proudest career moment?

Being broadcast nationally on Good Morning America for a special makeover show with Bobbi Brown, where we teamed up to help women look ten years younger, which was cool. Also opening a Madison Avenue salon was one of my biggest dreams, and it happened earlier this year.


6. If you were not the Owner of Angelo David Salon, what would you want to be?

I would love to work at a vineyard, make wine, talk about wine and enjoy great food.


7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Creating a product empire from my very own line, Angelo David VOL.  I would like to step away from the day to day operations and work with my clients.


8. Any advice for others entering your profession?

Passion for what you do, determination and patience because it will come, and always have a mentor.


9. Best international dining experience you’ve ever had?

Italy’s Amalfi coast.  Somewhere outside in the Mediterranean at a Ravello restaurant.  Overlooking the Mediterranean enjoying the fresh sea food, local bottle of wine. The scenery is breathtaking.


10. Favorite vacation spot and hotel?

Miami is my favorite vacation spot. I love staying at Hotel Delano; every time I am there it is a new experience.


11. Three items that can always be found in your briefcase?

My eyeglasses which are made from a local artist from Columbia. My iPhone to keep in touch with the world. Cash!


12. What song can you listen to on repeat?

“Hotel California” by The Eagles.


All images courtesy of Angelo David Pisacreta; Following image taken by photographer Linda Covello



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