A Fashionable Q&A with…
Designer Jackie Rogers

In NewsWhistle’s weekly question-and-answer series, Clara Morgan speaks with some of the world’s top beauty and style influencers and finds out more about their lives and careers.

This week, Clara speaks with fashion designer Jackie Rogers, who has been designing signature couture designs for her eponymous line for over 35 years. When you wear a Jackie Rogers, you are making a statement of style, class and sophistication with their handmade and perfectly tailored pieces. In addition, a piece from Jackie Rogers will bring you joy for many years to come, because they take pride in producing clothing of exceptional quality. Jackie Rogers is conceived, designed, and manufactured entirely in New York City.

Jackie Rogers got her first taste of the fashion world at age 16 working at Priscilla’s of Boston’s New York showroom. Eventually, she began modeling for the likes of Geoffrey Beene, Bill Blass, and Adrian, best known for his work with screen legend Greta Garbo, where she found herself telling them what to do with the designs being fitted on her. In 1962, she had a chance encounter with a model from the House of Chanel at the famous Alexande de Paris salon, which led to Rogers being hired on the spot by Coco Chanel.

While modeling for Chanel, Rogers received advice from her regarding designing and how to build her brand. After following the advice of her mentor to design men’s clothing, she opened a boutique on Madison Avenue, which became a men’s club, with Jack Nicholson and Winthrop Rockefeller amongst her clientele. She began designing women’s clothes and opened her Palm Beach boutique in the 1970s.

Currently, Jackie Rogers is best-known for her work with Irish burlap, which she uses to create beautiful blazers, which are trimmed with suede, charmeuse, and suede. By popular demand, Jackie Rogers will once again return to her roots in menswear design by launching a line of her signature Irish burlap blazers.

Jackie Rogers’ designs are available at her boutiques on Jobs Lane in Southampton, NY and on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL, her online boutique, and at the Lord & Taylor flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

For more information on Jackie Rogers, visit: www.jackierogers.com




1. If you could meet anyone in the world, who do you want to meet? And why?

I’ve met everybody I ever wanted to meet. When I was 16 I came to New York and decided then and there I was going to go out to the world and meet the most interesting and famous people in the world. Just to mention a few. I met Eleanor Roosevelt, Jacques Cousteau, Federico Fellini, and Gabrielle Chanel. I wanted to learn about their lives and become their friends and that’s exactly what I did.


2. Who influences your personal style?

The only persons that influenced my style were Coco Chanel, Marlene Deitrich, and Balenciaga.


3. What should women wear more of?

Simple, sexy clothes.


4. Favorite fragrance and cologne for women?

Mitsouko by Guerlain.


5. Proudest career moment?

It has not happened yet.


Model In Extra Long Silk Organza Blouse


6. If you weren’t a designer what would you be?

An actress.


7. Best dining experience you’ve ever had?

Hotel De Paris Monte-Carlo’s beef bourguignon with a glass of 1937 Château Latour wine.


8. Favorite vacation spot?

Portofino, Italy.


9. Three items that can always be found in your purse?

Lipstick, iPhone, and a mirror.


10. What song can you listen to on repeat?

Dionne Warwick – Walk On By.


Images Courtesy of Jackie Rogers