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In Newswhistle’s weekly question-and-answer series, Clara Morgan speaks with some of the world’s top beauty and style influencers and finds out more about their lives and career.

This week, Clara speaks with Melissa Gerstein (above left) and Denise Albert (above right) of the SiriusXM Stars radio show THE MOMS. Gerstein and Albert have created a multi-platform lifestyle brand featured on TV, Online, Print, in taxicabs and on the radio.

They moderate a town hall series called the Mamarazzi where they bring in influential moms and media to discuss issues surrounding parenting. Recent Mamarazzi events have included celebrity guests Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Garner, Kevin James, Elizabeth Banks, Tina Fey, Hugh Jackman and Pitbull.

Gerstein, a happily married mother of three, and Albert, an “independent” mom of two boys, use style and grace as they balance career and motherhood.

For more on THE MOMS: http://themoms.com/


1. If either of you could meet anyone in the world, who do you want to meet? And why?

Melissa Gerstein – Mikhail Baryshnikov. As a former dancer, he is the ultimate to me and to top meeting him I would love for him to ask me to dance.

Denise Albert – Always wanted to meet Michael Jackson.  Now I would say Madonna.  But I ran David Blaine’s company, we have hosted events with Hugh Jackman, Jada Pinkett Smith and so many other talents so truthfully we have met so many people through what we do, I just find all people interesting — from all backgrounds and careers — and always like to pick everyone’s brain about their careers, starting a business and their path….that’s the journalist in me.


2. Who or what influences your personal styles?

MG – Sarah Jessica Parker aka SJP. She is a style icon. Such grace and class with a sexy flair all at the same time. Not to mention, she was our very first Mamarazzi event so how can I not be forever in awe and grateful to her.

DA – Whatever I see at the moment. I don’t have time to think about this much. I have a look that I like that’s kind of a rock and roll mom look. My college friend started a business called Bungalowclothing.com and they have a personal stylist who knows your taste and sends you a personal “dressing room”. There’s nothing better for a working mom than arriving home to clothes and not having to go anywhere!


3. What should women wear more (and less) of?

MG – Women should wear more color! I always say that a woman wearing color is a woman who is confident. Women should not wear very short skirts or short shorts or short dresses. It looks cheap and tacky and one should leave something for the imagination.

DA – Whatever makes them feel strong, smart with a little bit of sexy if they want.


4. If you two were not hosts of your SiriusXM radio show THE MOMS, what would you be doing?

MG – I would be running my own dance company and still hope to someday somewhere. My heart is in a theatre or auditorium and dance classroom. This is where I feel life pour out of my soul.

DA – Reporting news or feature stories on television. Telling stories is my passion, and luckily, I get to do it on SiriusXM and through our Mamarazzi events.


5. Proudest career moment?

MG – I would have to say every Mamarazzi town hall event and we have hosted over 100! I leave inspired by our celebrity guests and our audience. We have built a community that I continue to learn from every week.

DA – I have a few! Being invited to the White House with my children for a private tour of the West Wing.  To share with my kids, that we were invited because of my business is the most incredible feeling in the world.  And also, we just hosted an event with Country Star Jo Dee Messina, and because of my company and her experience with it, she agreed to donate her time to perform to raise money for my son’s school – a NYC school for children with learning differences.


6. Where do you two see yourselves in 5 years?

MG – I see myself growing The MOMS and reaching even more parents and people in other countries and on other continents.

DA – Hopefully doing exactly what I’m doing on a larger level.


7. Best dining experience you two have ever had?

MG – On the beach at Dreams Riviera Maya in a private hut inches from the ocean on the beach with the love of my life my husband Anthony.

DA – Can I say ice cream with tons of chocolate toppings?


8. Favorite international vacation spots and hotels?

MG – Italy all the way. Experienced it on my honeymoon. You feel in love with everything and everyone. Heading back this summer and cannot wait to see more of this beautiful country. We loved the Gritti Palace in Venice and with our children the Island of Turks and Caicos is special to us. That is where we renewed our vows.

DA – I haven’t traveled enough…anyone want to go with me?


9. Three items that can always be found in your handbags?

MG – Clinique Lip Gloss, my iPhone (but of course) and Kleenex. Three kids means someone always has a runny nose.

DA – My son’s epipen, gum, a hat. (This of course doesn’t include a cell phone – which is always clipped on – yes – I’m quirky and known for that!)


10. What songs can you listen to on repeat?

MG – Alicia Keys -Empire State Of Mind; Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk; and anything anything Kelly Clarkson. Her voice and songs are the most powerful anthems. They make you move.

DA – Anything on Radio Disney 🙂

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