A Free Afternoon In São Paulo, Brazil:
True Gems For Business Travelers

São Paulo is a hot destination for business travelers.  But we business travelers often get trapped in the comfort, convenience and yes, allure, of Faria Lima, and never venture beyond.  If you have one afternoon of freedom, as I did recently, I recommend you take a short cab ride and skip out to the “Jardins”.

Ask the cab to drop you off around Rua Oscar Freire and Rua Haddock Lobo.  From there you can walk around in circles, up and down Oscar Freire, along Augusta and Haddock Lobo, get lost along Alameda Lorena, and end up where you started but finding new finds yet again.

Galeria Melissa


–                    Lita Moritari, where I got a gorgeous, short white jacket that helped bridge the weather from chilly to breezy to mild, on various subsequent business travel since then.

–                    Maria Bonita, with several levels including an upper level of well-priced dresses galore!  I walked way with two strapless cocktail dresses, one of denim and one with a satin tuxedo stripe coming down the side, both of which you can dress up and dress down and wear all day with just a change of shoes.

–                    Blue Man, where I got three pairs of swimsuits.  Don’t be insulted in Brazil when you reach for the Grande size, the suits here are cut itsy bitsy.

–                    Galeria Melissa, for the trendy rubber shoes with signature bubble gum scent.  I tried on several for myself but settled for cute little Dorothy baby shoes for my friends’ kids.

–                    Osklen, a bit more of a casual shop had a chic everyday trench.

Clube Chocolate and Iodice for clothes, Francesca Giobbi for shoes, and Jo de Mer and Lenny Niemeyer for bathing suits were on the recommendation list from my local friends but alas I ran out of time and steam, as well as my wallet started getting a bit thin!  Just as I was about to end the splurge I see a merchant selling hammocks on the street and got one for myself as well.

There are plenty of fun looking indoor outdoor cafes littering this area, to take a break with a glass of wine and people watch the good looking crowd.  I ended up on the sidewalk of Haddock Lobo with two Coxinha croquettes in hand for just a buck, a very happy girl.


Map Courtesy of Marcio Jose Bastos Silva/Shutterstock.com