A Great Hamburger – Matt’s Jucy Lucy – Minneapolis


A Great Hamburger: Matt’s Jucy Lucy, Matt’s Bar, Minneapolis, MN


Why It’s Great:

A Jucy Lucy (spelled correctly) is a slow-cooked cheddar burger with a simple surprise: the cheese is placed and melted inside the patty.

It’s sensational – a hit since it was invented in the 1950s by Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis.

Just be careful, you have to eat the hot burger delicately or risk the burning cheese squirting out of the meat and singeing your lips and fingers.

There’s a reason Matt’s slogan is “Fear the Cheese.” Nevertheless, don’t shy away from the experience. Embrace it. You’ll be an instant, lifelong fan.

Due to COVID-19, there’s only 50 percent seating at Matt’s Bar. Local deliveries can be arranged via DoorDash.


For more info, please visit Matt’s official website.


Photo by Chad Werner