How To Look Amazing In A Qipao Dress

Born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong, Grace Choi was a fashion model before starting her own production company to organize fashion shows and events.

Three years ago, she decided to launch her own fashion brand called Yi-ming — a label that focuses on Asian-influenced cocktail dress designs.

Yi-ming’s creations are stunning. For those who haven’t seen them, Grace’s designs are cinematic, sexy and soulful.

We asked Grace what women should look for when purchasing qipao, and if there were any rules or protocols for wearing one.


Grace Choi


When purchasing a qipao a woman should think about:

A. The fit — Is it too tight or too loose?;

B. The cut — Does the cutting cover your weaknesses and show your strengths;

C. The fabric — Is it stretchy? Is it comfortable?; and

D. The color — Does the color match your skin tone?


People equate a qipao with tradition and elegance. If you choose the wrong one, it might make you look very old-fashioned or old without showing the elegant side of you.


Qipaos are great for weddings, galas, and special ceremonies, but my designs can also be worn to work, holiday events, dinner parties, and the like.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Yi-Ming’s YouTube channel:


About Yi-ming:

Through its insistence on consistency and quality, Yi-ming has transported the tailored Asian aesthetic to another time and place, and forged a dramatic cross-cultural style.

Yi-ming celebrates the creation of beautiful clothes that appeal to all ages and ethnicities. It offers stylish, high-quality products as well as inviting the consumer to experience the history and philosophy behind them – a dedication to innovation and exotic imagery.

Yi-ming’s collection is available in online stores and several boutiques in Hong Kong.


All images courtesy of Grace Choi and Yi-ming