A New Year, A New You… 5 Ways To A Meaningful, Positive & Healthy 2015

Each week, NewsWhistle contributor Norah Lawlor compiles a list of trendsetting and newsworthy items from around the globe.

This week, Norah offers ideas from some of her very own clients to kick off 2015 in a fun, fit and fabulous way.


1.  Focus on your health and well-being

Body + Mind NYC

Make it a priority in 2015 to follow through with that training regimen and healthy eating plan you’ve been telling yourself all 2014 you were going to stick to.

New York-based fitness expert, Sulyn Silbar, who owns and runs the Body + Mind NYC – a personal training and massage studio, says executing a New Year’s resolution focused on your health and wellbeing is all about taking baby steps.

“Make small changes to your lifestyle,” she says. “To avoid failure, it is crucial to set a goal that’s actually attainable. Set yourself up to succeed. Think of what size pants or shirt you’d like to fit in in 3 months’ time. Give yourself a short-term, attainable goal.”

If you want to ramp up your activity level, the best thing to do is to enlist a professional to help you get where you want to go. Body + Mind NYC designs treatment plans to bring peoples bodies into muscular balance, by correcting faulty movement patterns and strengthening the body overall.

For more information on Body + Mind NYC, visit www.bodyplusmindnyc.com/


2.  Plan a fundraising event or volunteer for a charity

Jean Shafiroff

An easy way to add value to your life in the New Year is to get involved in a project, organization or cause you really care about.  Noted New York philanthropist, globe trotter and style maker Jean Shafiroff spends much of her time as a volunteer leader, fundraiser and ambassador of several charitable causes.

Some of Jean’s board memberships include New York Women’s Foundation, New York City Mission Society, Couture Council, French Heritage Society, among others.

Jean suggests finding a cause or issue that means a lot to you when you narrow down your search for the ideal personal philanthropic project.  She also recommends researching a number of charities and then look for the right “people mix” that works best for you.  “As a volunteer you will want to be comfortable with the others involved in the organization. You will also want to work with a charity that is well run and manages its finances properly,” she says.

Each year Jean chairs numerous galas and hosts events benefiting not-for-profit organizations. She uses her remarkable ability to connect different groups with interested people and resources.

To see a list of New York City charities, visit www.nycharities.org/

For other vetted programs and organizations, check out www.globalgiving.org/


3.  Start the New Year fresh in a new home or apartment

Randi Fisher and Jennifer Roberts

Planning a home purchase or sale takes time. Engaging a real estate agent early in the process will allow you to have an expert on hand as you start to put the pieces together. A good real estate agent doesn’t just buy or sell property, it’s about the personal journey in working together for a seamless and easy process.

New York-based brokerage team, Randi Fisher and Jennifer Roberts – together known as J/R Luxe –have sold hundreds of homes in Manhattan and go the extra mile for their clients. Backed by the renowned Coldwell Banker Previews International, Randi and Jennifer work with foreign investors and buyers from all around the world, giving them significant global reach when selling Manhattan property.  For those interested in selling their home, one piece of advice from Jennifer and Randi for sellers is to price your home accurately from the get go. “If overpriced, agents and their buyers may be scared off. Conversely, price too low and you’re leaving dollars on the table,” says Jennifer.

For more information on J/R Luxe, visit www.jr-luxe.com/


4.  Revamp and revitalize your look

Angelo David Pisacreta

The New Year is a good time to renew yourself so you can look as young and energetic as you feel. Often we need to make a resolution to remember to make a renewed commitment to ourselves and an investment in our appearances.

Angelo David Pisacreta, owner of New York-based hair salon Angelo David, hair enhancement expert and the creator of the coveted Couture Hair Extensions for fine or thinning hair, sees plenty of people using the New Year as a chance to revitalize their hair. And for him, the satisfaction of seeing someone ready to tackle the New Year looking and feeling wonderful is addictive. “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to change how someone sees herself or himself, boost their self-esteem or uplift her feelings, even within the course of an hour or two,” he says.

Angelo David leads a talented team of hair specialists who craft highly customized beauty transformations for all of their clients. Clients can opt to receive their services in the lively, sun-filled main floor or in one of the spacious private rooms.

For more information on Angelo David Salon, visit www.angelodavid.com/


5.  Treat yourself to something special

Margo Manhattan

If you received cash over the holidays and haven’t decided how to spend it, or are sticking to your New Year’s resolutions into January, why not treat yourself to a gift that is sure to become a treasured collectible?

Celebrate yourself with jewelry from the chic Madison Avenue designer Margo Manhattan. If you’re in New York, the Margo Manhattan boutique on 88th & Madison Avenue is a must visit destination. Find a stunning range of bold, edgy yet elegant and timeless jewels. Margo Manhattan is internationally renowned and highly sought after – having dressed Beyonce in a number of her latest music videos and  Selena Gomez to name a few. You can even commission Margo to design a special jewel just for you, or transform your have-been pieces into must-haves.

“The piece finds the person,” says Margo, who immediately focuses on each client’s unique features. Margo reflects every individual’s beauty by custom tailoring a look and design, whether it is for everyday wear, wedding, engagement or special occasion.

For more information on Margo Manhattan, or to shop her designs online, visit www.shop.margomanhattan.com/


Norah Lawlor is a New York based global trend and travel observer in addition to being the founder and owner of Public Relations strategy firm Lawlor Media Group.


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