A Publisher Has Your Book’s Front… And It’s Back

So what do you get for the person that has almost everything or hardly anything at all? May we suggest a series of erotic photography books published by the good people over at Taschen.

While we don’t normally go blue with our suggestions, Taschen has designed something they call “Panic Covers,” reversible dust jackets that hide the book’s true contents, namely, pages upon pages of X-rated art pics or illustrations.

An example is “Terryworld,” a book of pervy shots by photog Terry Richardson. When you flip the reversible cover, the book becomes “The Morals of Confucius.”

Richard Kern’s book “Action” transforms into “The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire.”

Elmer Batters’ collection? “The Works of Plato.”

There are also titles from Ed Fox,  Tom of Finland (Volumes 1 and 2), Chas Ray Krider and Tom Poulton.

These Panic Jackets are what make the books worthwhile. And though we’re certain it wasn’t Taschen’s intention, we think any title would make a fantastic gag gift.

Also, the price point can’t be beat. While we like Taschen for their limited edition series, which go for thousands of dollars, a Panic Jacket book sells typically for the very low, very nice price of US$17.99.

For a partial list of Panic Jacket titles, visit the Taschen website.

As a parting note, please remember that some of the images in these books are ridiculously graphic. You’ll see more skin than a Manhattan dermatologist and then question whether you’re viewing art or bad Hustler shots.

Enjoy, and keep on clickin on…