Our Australia Music Mix – Brought To You By The Tai-Pan Beer Co.

The Tai-Pan Beer Co. is introducing Hong Kong drinkers to some of Australia’s best craft brews and ciders.

To celebrate the best in Australian music, Tai-Pan Beer is sponsoring NewsWhistle’s Australia Mix, a sampling of today’s top bands from Down Under.

Great music and tasty beer … how can you not drink to that?



The Tai-Pan Beer Co. imports the best, most award-winning beers and ciders from Australia. You’ll drink beer and cider from towns you’ve never heard of, with stories behind them that you’ll love. Tai-Pan Beer wants you to enjoy the beers and ciders so much that you will change your travel plans (so that you can drop by the brewery) on your next trip Down Under.

To learn more about Tai-Pan Beer and their offerings, please visit www.taipanbeer.com


Lead-In Image: PsyComa/Shutterstock.com