Animal Crossing – New Horizons – A Review







Hello potential desert island getaway package buyers, this is your Nook representative, Guy here, to take you on a tour of what your island getaway could look like.

animal crossing - new horizons - screengrab

Here I am, chilling outside my beach house on my island, Ogygia. (I named my island after the island Odysseus is stranded on in The Odyssey–pretentious, I know.)

Tom Nook’s latest business venture is civilizing a deserted island. After a quick character customization and settings screen, you’re flown out to your island with two other happy and hopeful residents and the Nook clan.

I quickly found space for my tent and my neighbors, and soon. I had already started gathering materials, workshopping, and earning Nook MilesTM in order to pay off my debt— that Tom Nook is a shrewd businessman.

animal crossing - new horizons - screengrab 2

Here I am, standing in the island plaza. Behind me on my left is one of my neighbors, a bull named Coach. And behind me on my right is Tom Nook’s tent.

First off, the graphics of the game are as simple, quaint, and happy as the game itself—each surface is wrapped in subtle patterns that add to the overall aesthetic of being somewhere quaint and calm.

animal crossing - new horizons - screengrab 3

One of my favorite pastimes on my island is fishing.

The music sets the mood: this is a vacation. The natural sound effects—the pitter patter of your own pacing about, the low rumbles and gentle crash of waves rising upon and pulling away from the shore, etc.—support the idea that you are here to take a breath and enjoy the getaway.

There are no issues with gameplay mechanics, framerate, or animation fluidity. I found myself free to completely engage in making my island, Ogygia, mine.

If you are someone who enjoys fast-paced, level-based, experience-earning games, this is not necessarily the game for you. This game isn’t about completing tasks—while it is satisfying to unlock new DIY recipes, and new residents/buildings on one’s island, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about enjoying your vacation however you may do that: fishing, catching bugs, home and island renovation, and (with multiplayer) with friends.

animal crossing - new horizons - screengrab 4

Here I am writing this very article from my beach house. I hope you all enjoyed it and will consider Animal Crossing: New Horizons for your next vacation or getaway.


RATING (1 of 5 whistles, 5 being the best): 4 Whistles


HOW TO PLAY: GameStop, Amazon, or the Nintendo Switch Eshop



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Images (Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s logo & screengrabs) – Nintendo