Are E.E. Cummings and Dr. Suess Alive and Well and Thinking Up Band Names?

What’s in a name? For rock bands a lot. Like any branding, a name for any musical act needs to resonate and pop.

Lately you can’t help but think that playful poets E.E. Cummings and Dr. Suess are alive and well and naming today’s rock bands.

There’s Grouplove; NEEDTOBREATH; Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.; MS MR – not to mention Django Django; ChvrchesOneRepublic; and Pitbull ft. Ke$ha.

Heck, even Hellogoodbye has a song that contains Cummings’ love of the parentheses. That song’s title? “(Everything Is) Debatable.”

Over the past several years Arcade Fire sizzle and Arctic Monkeys cool have helped pave the way for alternative music and membership at the Two Door Cinema Club, the Bombay Bicycle Club and, lest we forget, the Gemini Club.

We now live in a world where you can have your NONONO with your Yeah Yeah Yeahs;

Where White Lies won’t necessarily upset the Lorde;

Where a traveler can go to Phoenix and other Capital Cities to hear Manchester Orchestra or watch TV On The Radio;

Where legislators bang out New Politics (away from the refrains of Bastille ghosts and Kaiser Chiefs);

Where a music fan can land on Bruno Mars or stay grounded with GPS (or even an Atlas Genius).

Now is a time where you can find a Muse beside American Authors and Bad Books.

It’s also a year where a sorceress or a Magic Man can drink their Silversun Pickups in their Mansions in Cayucas under the glow of Neon Trees or a Parade of Lights (which are possibilities if there’s an Airborne Toxic Event.)

We’ve just rounded into 2014 but with all the different sounds out there it might as well be coming from The Chain Gang of 1974. Or was that The 1975?

Fritz and The Tantrums and Kate Boy and Harrison Hudson and Matt and Kim – they can all be new friends for this musical journey.

And if you’re ready for more pals in the realm Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons and a Mogwai bringing along a six-pack or two – for that Vampire Weekend of fun, laughs and brew.

It’s a new day, a digital, danceable, hummable summer solstice with a slew of engaging band names and flowering talent. But at the end of the day most musicians aren’t setting out to make a statement with what they call themselves.

They’re just striving to fall into two categories… The Naked and The Famous.