Away From The Microphone, Coldplay’s Chris Martin Gets A Warm Reception In India

Working in the heart of New Delhi can be less than joyous.

There’s traffic, and loads of distances to be covered, since people who work in central part of the city navigate from all directions.

And, in between the constantly buzzing phones and those endless powerpoint slides, the young professionals and the experienced leaders try to find time to plan for the reminder of the week whilst puffing on cigarettes or throwing back cups of black coffee.


There was nothing unusual about New Delhi’s hot and humid evening of July 1st.

It was a Wednesday and Wednesdays are not nearly close to Fridays so there’s never a chance to feel upbeat and peppy about the weekend fast approaching — but regardless of whether it’s a Wednesday or the leisurely hour of the weekend, socializing at cafés, pubs, and food plazas is a usual customary fashion of Delhi’s cosmopolitan residents.

One of the most popular getaway from the nightmarish workloads of the office is the ever popular Hauz Khas area, located in central-south Delhi.

It’s a city oasis replete with high-end bars and eateries, and has become a perpetual favorite of local Delhiites who have made a habit of eating at expensive restaurants, wearing designer clothes, and guzzling down a few pints of beer.


On July 1, numerous guests and visitors at the popular Summerhouse café in Hauz Khas were amidst the usual chit chat and gossiping, breaking away from the heat of the summer, when something unusual happened.

Out of nowhere, seemingly as if heavens opened the gates to a divine power, Coldplay’s Chris Martin walked into the packed restaurant lounge at nearly 11.15 pm.

Totally shocked to the core, and zapped in amazement, the patrons were shell-shocked to find the lead singer of Coldplay walk into the place as if he was one amongst them. That wasn’t all. Along with Chris Martin, stepped in Indian American actress Frieda Pinto (from Slumdog Millionaire fame), popular Indian musician Raghu Dixit, and the members of the highly popular stand-up group All India Bakchod (the nuisance creators of India).

After the initial fanfare at Summerhouse café, it was hardly a matter of time before Martin stepped up to perform an impromptu gig, including “Yellow” and “Viva La Vida.”

Those who had planned to leave the café earlier but had decided to sit down for a final round of drinks obviously considered themselves blessed.


Before slipping out into Hauz Khas, Martin had been in Delhi for a few days,  touring the city, along with actress Pinto, as the brand ambassador for the New York-based Global Poverty Project, a leading social think tank organization that plans to completely eradicate extreme poverty come 2030.

As part of the tour, Martin met with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the PM House. They spoke about the Global Poverty Project as well as the Indian PM’s highly personal and passionate nation-wide campaign. Titled “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” or the “Clean My India Campaign,”  Narendra Modi has been vehemently advocating the need to keep the entire country clean and litter free, in his bid to promote India as one of the world’s most organized and clean countries.

It was quite a rare and spectacular meeting in Delhi. Here was a rock star known for winning over crowds sitting down with a political leader who’s set on progressive change.


A surprise show in Hauz Khas, a exciting meeting with one of the world’s most powerful politicians. Martin definitely brought some mid-week excitement to Delhi.

May we suggest he come back more often.


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Sources for this article included;;;; The Indian Express

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