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Let’s get ‘freeky’! Here’s what’s orbiting the musical universe this week.


Artists to Know


The first song on this playlist, “Arrows” featuring Macklemore, brought Fences to relevancy and resurrected Macklemore for a split second.


Three brothers produced a hit in “I’m Ready,” another great example of how to use someone’s, or in this case, something else’s fame to claim your own. This time it’s courtesy of the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea.


Music Video Corner — Our Favorites From The Past Few Years

Connan Mockasin, “Forever Dolphin Love”

Got coulrophobia? AKA, the fear of clowns? This one might be a problem for you.

Passion Pit, “I’ll Be Alright”

Hey guys, let’s make a music video starring a man who likes to make out with works of art. Wait, it’s already been done by a couple New Englanders.

Die Antwoord, “I Fink U Freeky”

Definitely in the minority here, but I ‘fink’ this song is ‘freeky’ and I like it a lot.


Songs on the Rise

Misterwives, “Our Own”

Technically, this is indie-pop, but saxophonist Mike Murphy gives this jam some jazzy feels.

Blank Space, “I Prevail”

Potentially better than the T-Swift original, this cover is badass.

Death Cab For Cutie, “Black Sun”

Newly released, “Black Sun” is the first single off of what should be a spectacular album being released on March 31st.

AWOLNATION, “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”

There are many well known artists included in this week’s AWOP. While “Sail” might be one of this year’s greatest songs, AWOLNATION proved they have much more to offer with this vibe.

We close this week’s AWOPBAMBOOM with the new one from Mumford & Sons. Enjoy!


Lead-In Image of Mumford & Sons Courtesy of Christian Bertrand /


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