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From a Punk Rock Girl to a fresh disco track, here’s what orbiting our musical universe this week:


What We’re Listening To:

Leon Bridges, “Coming Home”

Meet the man who captured the heart of SXSW 2015. Otis Redding and Sam Cooke are up there smilin’.

Inventions, “Entity”

With a year under its belt, this simple ambient piece by “Inventions” will be on our playlist for many seasons to come:

CHIC feat Nile Rodgers, “I’ll Be There”

Nile Rodgers, of CHIC and Daft Punk fame, offers you a new entry for your disco playlist. The song’s okay and the video’s a mess, but for some reason we keep coming back for more:


More Festivals

Last week, we wrote about three great summer festivals headed your way. Here are three more, enjoy!


Rival counterpart to Firefly, Bonnaroo features similar acts with a few more party starters.

When: June 11-14, 2015

Where: Manchester, Tennessee

The Lineup:


You might be surprised to hear Spaniards host some of the best festivals on the globe but we’re not.

When: June 18-20, 2015

Where: Barcelona Spain

The Lineup:


A week with the best culture and music Northern Europe has to offer.

When: June 27th -July 4th

Where: Roskilde, Denmark

The Lineup:


Classic Music Videos

OK Go, “The Writing’s On The Wall”

Just add OK Go into any video and you have an instant hit. This time we have the band lip-synching to a catchy 80s synthesized beat while dressing up, and down, for alternating sets of optical illusions. “Some pleasure in your eyes…”

Dead Milkmen, “Punk Rock Girl”

The milkmen from Philly made an offer the Punk Rock Girl can’t refuse!


What We’re Listening To (Part II):

Foo Fighters ft. Zac Brown, “Congregation”

Second radio single off of the Foo Fighters eighth album, Sonic Highways. 

Zac Brown Band ft. Chris Cornell, “Heavy is the Head”

Double mention for Zac Brown this week. This time it’s his band’s song featuring Chris Cornell.

Chris Cornell, “Redemption Song” (Cover)

See what we did here? Everlasting in its original Bob Marley form, Cornell throws a raspy, rock twist to one of our favorites.


Interview of the Week

Kid Rock

We challenge you to count the number of F-bombs Kid Rock drops during this bizarre interview.


Review of the Week

NewsWhistle’s Chad Werner gives you the rundown on Big Data’s latest, “Album 2.0”.


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