Bedside Manners: A Q&A with Sex Therapist Dr. Estella Sneider

When NewsWhistle started its Q&A series, it had one thing in mind: To find people of different backgrounds and ask them the same set of questions, hoping their personalities would shine through.

We never met Dr. Estella Sneider, but her answers reinforce our belief that you can learn a lot about a person from their responses to 10 simple questions.

The good doctor’s replies are insightful and delightful – and her joke is one the best we’ve heard yet.

It gets us thinking: Are all well-known sex therapists cool and compassionate?

Based on this interview, we’re leaning towards the affirmative.

The NewsWhistle Q&A with Sex Therapist Dr. Estella Sneider:

Name: Dr. Estella Sneider
Date of Interview: July 22, 2013
Age (if you want to give it up):
Birthplace: Mexico City, D.F.
Current town: Pacific Palisades, California
Occupation: Licensed Psychologist/MFT/Sex Therapist/Radio Host/TV Host/Architectural Photographer/Actress

1. What’s the funniest or saddest thing that’s happened to you this week?

Funniest, I received a text as I was driving & talked to Siri on the IPhone in order not to text and said “Manejando” in Spanish (Means Driving) and Siri wrote back “PUTO” …Either I need to improve in my accent or Siri has a glitch since words don’t even seem close…HAHA!

Saddest: Today July 22, 2013 hearing about the passing of Actor Dennis Farina due to blood clot in his lung. He was only 69 RIP!

2. What’s your favorite movie? And why?

Gaby: A True Story. This is the true story of a girl by the name of Gaby Brimmer, who was born with cerebral palsy and unable to move all but her left foot. Despite her affliction she managed to get a university education. It is a sadly inspirational story that teaches us that it does not matter what life brings us, it is up to us to overcome adversity. We have the freedom in our will to choose NOT to be miserable by being in the presence of the absence, and be with the presence of what we do have and use it to our advantage the best way we can.

3. What’s the biggest risk you took in life?

I believe life is about having the confidence in one ‘self to notice opportunities and take risks when life present them to us. We are often not fully ready to take the opportunities that come our way, but we must jump into taking them and learn as we go. As for myself, I have taken plenty of risks, but maybe the biggest was moving to Los Angeles from Mexico, learning the language and getting my college education, while at the same time, I was a wife, and a mother of two wonderful children; Mauricio Umansky and Sharon Umansky Benton.

4. If you could go back in time and do one thing over, what would that be?

Nothing! I am pleased with whom I am today. All the mistakes, failures, successes, have molded me into the person I am proud of being today.

5. Tell us your favorite joke:

I know I love jokes, and have many favorites. However, I have to admit I am a terrible joke teller even though I have a great sense of humor. I forget the jokes…but one I do remember is about a policeman stopping a man on the freeway and having asked the driver his name, he answered, “My name is Mr. FuckHour.” The policemen asked him again and the man insisted his name was FuckHour. The policeman takes him in front of the Judge and the judge asks the man his name. He proceeded to answer “FuckHour.” Furthermore, the man also said to the judge: call my job and ask them. The man gives the Judge the work number. The Judge calls the company and asks: Excuse me do you have a FuckHour at your company? And they answer: “Are you kidding we do not even have a Coffee Break” …HAHAHA!

6. What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I cannot tell you since most people do not know it and I want to keep it that way!

7. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard?

From my father Simon Sneider, may he RIP. He taught me that “what you are, your education, your values, your freedom to react to whatever life confronts you with, is something you can never lose and it cannot be taken away from you. It will go with you till the day you die.” He was an immigrant from Lithuania and most of his family was exterminated during WWII during the Holocaust.

Also, I learned from my oldest brother Ruben Sneider (RIP), who lived with MS for over 35 years, and yet he always had a smile on his face and never lost being grateful about life.

These lessons have helped me to become the type of person who adjusts and re-adjusts from moment to moment and, continues to be passionate about life no matter the situation; rather than feeling miserable. I feel my emotions, I recognize them for what they are about, and then move on.

I dedicated my Doctoral Dissertation to my brother, Ruben Sneider.

8. Who’s your favorite celebrity and why?

Kyle Richards, from RHOBH (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). She is my daughter-in-law. She is a wonderful wife to my son Mauricio Umansky for 17+ years, a fabulous mother to my granddaughters and the best daughter-in-law any mother could have.

9. What’s your strangest phobia or superstition?

No phobias. My superstition: Every birthday I have to pull up on the right ear of the celebrated person the number of their years of age; plus one. Yesterday, at my granddaughter’s 4th birthday party; I pulled her right ear four times and then one extra for a healthy 5th year to come.

10. Last, but not least, is there anything you want to pitch, promote or discuss?

Yes, I am going to appear in the movie

I appear in the film as myself, in one of the scenes. I will be filming at the end of September. The Movie will be in theatres in the spring of 2014.

I will be also coming out with two E-Books: ‘Sexploration, Your GPS to Ecstasy’, and ‘Sexploration, Does Size Matter? Your Penis Personality.’ (Working Titles.)

I am also very happy to have been approved and accepted as a Master in the Master Hour group.

11. Oh, and a bonus curve question, or two . . . What’s the strangest sex question you’ve ever been asked? And what was your reply?

Question was by my daughter when she was about 8 or 9 years old; She asked me “ What is a Blow Job” …HA! I almost spilled my coffee. She told me her brother knew… I called him into the room and asked him about what his younger sister Sharon has said. He replied, “You are the Mom, you tell her.” As a mother I know it is important to clarify when children ask these kinds of questions, before we jump into giving explanations. It could have been possible my daughter was asking me about blowing out birthday candles…HA!) My response to my son, who is only 17 months older than my daughter, was that first I wanted to know what he knew. Then I could explain to both of them. My son agreed, and proceeded to tell his sister what he heard a blow job was. He basically and bluntly described it, as it is! He told me he heard some boys at school talking about it. My daughter panicked and asked me: Is that true? I sat with them and explained that when a couple loves each other and get married, they also express their love in privacy by kissing each other all over their bodies. I kept it simple and within the realm of love and marriage. I thought for years it was a perfect answer until not too long ago it came into the conversation and she told me she has not happy with the answer I had given her. Oh well…we do our best, and time will tell…She is very happily married!