Book Review – The Sense of an Ending


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The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes


Anthony Webster leads an uneventful life.  Having had a moderate education, a mediocre career, an amicable marriage ending in an amicable divorce and an apathetic daughter who begins to start her own family, Anthony is entering into a long transition to his eventual demise. 

What’s left for Anthony is plain, fading memories – flashbacks of a life of an average “good person” with no serious fault and without a glorious gallant legacy to leave behind.

But life abhors complacency.  A letter from the solicitor of an unexpected client drives Anthony to search deep into his failed memory to recall something that he chose to forget.

As the story unfolds, Anthony has to confront Veronica Ford, his past middle-class snob of a girlfriend and revisit his remembrance of a nerdy schoolmate who concocted up a obfuscating philosophical reason to end his own life.

What Anthony does not realise, is that he is a piece in the puzzle of the mystery he is about to untangle.

The Sense of an Ending is Julian Barnes’ 11th novel, which earned him a Man Booker prize.  It is a short, slow-paced and faintly poignant piece of prose that one can read in one sitting over a weekend.


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