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On Our Bookshelves: The Thursday Murder Club
3 January 2022 by Laura LaVelle

I can’t exactly recommend The Thursday Murder Club. Well, maybe I can.  I enjoyed reading it, having been very much in the mood for something comforting and undemanding. 

On Our Bookshelves: Bellewether
15 December 2021 by Laura LaVelle

*** NOVEL: Bellewether AUTHOR: Susanna Kearsley YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2018 REVIEW:  *** I’m not sure whether it was the elementary curriculum itself or whether I just wasn’t paying close attention.  But in my memory at least, the American history I was taught growing up was sorely lacking and quite sporadic.  We started with Columbus: 1492, … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: Bellewether

On Our Bookshelves: Belles on Their Toes
22 November 2021 by Laura LaVelle

Much like the earlier Cheaper by the Dozen, Belles on Their Toes is written for a young audience, with funny anecdotes about their large family, and inspirational parts about how they rose to every occasion while dealing with grief and sudden financial hardship.

On Our Bookshelves: The Great Divorce
11 November 2021 by Laura LaVelle

*** NOVEL: The Great Divorce AUTHOR: C.S. Lewis YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 1945 REVIEW:  *** I have been reading The Great C.S. Lewis Reread by Matt Mikalatos, which is, exactly as it sounds, an online column in which Mikalatos re-reads as an adult an author who greatly influenced his literary and theological development.  I’ve appreciated his … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: The Great Divorce

On Our Bookshelves: Ghosts of New York
14 October 2021 by Laura LaVelle

I purchased Ghosts of New York after reading about it in The New York Times Book Review, specifically, after reading [a] passage quoted from the book…

On Our Bookshelves: Night Train to Lisbon
14 September 2021 by Laura LaVelle

*** NOVEL: Night Train to Lisbon AUTHOR: Pascal Mercier (pseudonym of Peter Bieri) YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2004 (English translation 2008) REVIEW:  *** Night Train to Lisbon probably wasn’t meant to be read while lounging poolside, but somehow that’s what I did, finding myself, despite the unlikely setting, thoroughly absorbed in this philosophical novel.  It concerns … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: Night Train to Lisbon