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On Our Bookshelves: The Beauty in Breaking
3 August 2021 by Laura LaVelle

The Beauty in Breaking is a memoir by Michele Harper, an African American emergency physician. It’s about her experiences as a woman and a minority in the medical profession, and it’s about her journey in life.

On Our Bookshelves: The Shrinking of Treehorn
15 July 2021 by Laura LaVelle

I recently revisited an old favorite from my childhood, The Shrinking of Treehorn. The plot is simple: the titular Treehorn, a young schoolboy, begins mysteriously to shrink. 

On Our Bookshelves: The BFG
7 July 2021 by Laura LaVelle

*** NOVEL: The BFG AUTHOR: Roald Dahl YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 1982 REVIEW:  *** I adored Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid, and read it to my own kids.  I am not a big fan of its sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, which is weird, episodic, and has some appallingly racist bits … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: The BFG

On Our Bookshelves: Loveboat, Taipei
17 June 2021 by Laura LaVelle

Loveboat, Taipei concerns Ever Wong, recent high school graduate, who gets sent by her overbearing parents to an educational summer program, Chien Tan (in English, the Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Study Tour). 

*** BOOK: The Design of Everyday Things (Revised and Expanded Edition) AUTHOR: Don Norman YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2013 REVIEW:  *** Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things, is a very accomplished writer, researcher, professor, and consultant.  He’s most famous, however, for giving his name to the Norman door–which are those horrible doors … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: The Design of Everyday Things

On Our Bookshelves: Travels With Charley
11 May 2021 by Laura LaVelle

It’s presented as a travelogue, a first person account of a 1960 solo (except for the company of Charley, a standard poodle) trip around the United States.  Apparently, that’s not really what happened.

On Our Bookshelves: The Sense of Style
16 April 2021 by Laura LaVelle

*** BOOK: The Sense of Style–the Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century AUTHOR: Steven Pinker YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2014 REVIEW:  *** Steven Pinker is a cognitive psychologist, linguist, and author.  He’s occasionally controversial, but whatever his politics are, he’s a very good communicator, and this book about good writing, what it is, … Continue reading On Our Bookshelves: The Sense of Style