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*** NewsWhistle was live at the 2022 US Open tennis tournament, where players and fans experienced fourteen days of fun and forehands in Flushing Meadows, Queens. This year’s competition ran from August 29th until September 11th. If you’re looking for our recaps of Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final action, please click on the following links: Men’s … Continue reading A Look Back At The 2022 US Open – Tennis News – On & Off The Court

*** Poet Erik La Prade and illustrator S. Cranswick are back to bring you another poem. First it was “Edith Piaf on Bleecker Street,” a breezy snapshot of a New York City street scene. Now it’s “London Visit,” a personal account of what happens when the skies turn grey and the bullets start flying 1,500 … Continue reading London Visit – An Illustrated Poem by Erik La Prade and S. Cranswick

If you are traveling through JFK airport (or if you just find yourself in Queens for any reason at all) and you have some time for a meal, it is an excellent use of your time to stop by the TWA Hotel and eat at the Paris Cafe.