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A Weekend Getaway – Key West
12 July 2021 by Laura LaVelle

We rebooked at the last minute to Key West, which is a perfectly fine alternative for Americans whose travel documents are not in order.

On Our Bookshelves: Secrets and Lies
10 March 2021 by Laura LaVelle

I recently learned that Stacy Abrams, when not going above and beyond saving democracy, is an author of fiction, under the pen name Selena Montgomery.

*** The Ottomanelli family has been selling meats to the nice carnivores of New York City for nearly five generations. The business started from a sole pushcart in 1900 before branching out into a popular walk-in shop in Greenwich Village and a butcher store/restaurant in Woodside, Queens. Over the years, regular folk and bold-faced names, … Continue reading New to the Hamptons – Home Delivery from S. Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meats