Celeb Sundae – Bite-Sized Bits of Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more…


This week’s celebrity news in delicious bite-sized bits. Dig In!

We kicked off the week with the hope that there may one day be a Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux offspring. Our hopes, it seem,s have been dashed by what may have been a delicious burrito.

But we were treated to loads of Taylor Swift news and photos of her new man and her ex in their skivvies. The summer is getting off to a steamy start for celebs, and we like it!


First Scoop

Photos of Jennifer Aniston show the star looking like she may be pregnant while vacationing with husband Justin Theroux. Jennifer’s rep denied the rumors, saying the actress had “enjoyed a big lunch.” We understand, Jen, we just made a run to the border, too.


Second Scoop

Taylor Swift and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) were spotted in a heavy smooch session on the beach near her Rhode Island home. The couple took selfies, and held hands, and he may have asked her to go steady. This album just keeps getting better!


The Nuts

Pictures of Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris in their underwear have left fans debating which of Taylor Swift’s past and current beaus has the hotter body. Enjoy.


The Bananas

First Justin Bieber took a nasty spill onstage during one of his shows, and then Selena Gomez followed up with a stumble down a short flight of steps during a show in Tulsa.


The Sauce

A-listers packed a fundraiser in NYC for Hilary Clinton. Leonardo DiCaprio was seen leaving the event with his hands digging through the pockets of his designer jacket. We can’t understand why. Judging by the smile on Hilary’s face, Leo’s pockets were all surely empty.


The Whip Cream

Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted on vacation in Hawaii with their young daughter. Beyonce accessorized with a lemon crown and lemon rope necklace in a very obvious reference to her album Lemonade. Amazing… even when they are relaxing, they are working.


The Cherry On Top

Actress Selma Blair was carried off a Delta flight on a stretcher, after an alarming outburst.

Blair was spotted mixing something into her wine on the flight before she was heard crying, “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink.”

We can’t wait for her side of the story.

And now… her side of the story.


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Lead-In Image (Leonardo Di Caprio, NYC, June 20, 2016) Courtesy of AKM-GSI