Cookies And Dream: Our Review of “Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo”

We were so ready to diet. We really were, and then we just had to walk into a Hong Kong convenience store and spot a new tantalizing treat. Yes, the best of worlds have collided to form “Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo.”

You may be familiar with the product. It launched in the UK in 2012. But we were fortunate to never hear about it because we were working on shedding some pounds.

Now all bets are off – and there goes the waistline!

If you haven’t tried this instant classic, think Caramello, but remove the gooey caramel center and replace it with Oreo cream and cookie bits. Or just imagine crunching up an Oreo and putting it between two slices of Cadbury milk chocolate. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Our review: The candy bar is sweet, maybe a tad too much, but we don’t care. Cadbury’s hit bliss point and the only thing that’s missing is a glass of milk. Well, that and an easy way to open their “easy reclose pack.” Ironically, the new-fangled foil wrapper is ridiculously hard to unseal. Then again, that could be a bright point. It saves us some time before we rip into another.

We’ve reached out to a Cadbury rep in the U.S. to find out more about international roll-out plans. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more.

In the meantime, a YouTuber’s review:



Product Shot Courtesy of Cadbury, UK