2017 TechStyle NYC feature

Cool Products From The 2017 TechStyle NYC Showcase


TechStyle NYC — a shimmering showcase of tech and fashion — is holding its latest event next week as part of the New York Fashion Week celebrations.

Below are just a few of the future-forward companies that TechStyle NYC is bringing to the forefront during their “Experience Sustainability” showcase, which takes place on September 12 in the lofts of 177 Prince Street.

A ticket to the 7 pm to 9 pm presentation is $10 and can be purchased at http://txtyl.nyc/sustain.

For more about TechStyle NYC, click here.


Which TechStyle NYC-backed companies have caught our fancy this year? We’ve selected three based on originality of concept or simplicity of mission.


1. The Cladwell App.

cladwell 1

Tell this smartly-styled program what clothes are in your closet, and then let this digital assistant pair outfits for you depending on the time, place and occasion. Also great for knowing what clothes you aren’t wearing so you can rid your closet of clutter.

Photo Courtesy of Cladwell.com


2. Customized Lip Gloss By Giella.


This is a great take on the personalization trend. Customize your lip gloss by color, formula, shimmer and aroma!

Photo Courtesy of Giella.com


3. Plant-O-Gram.


Not really tech, but certainly strong on environmental style. This website urges you to forget the fruit basket – and send the whole tree! Plant-O-Gram ships a variety of saplings. And once the recipient opens their box — and plants or pots their lush present — it truly will become “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Photo Courtesy of PlantOGram.com


Some other featured products:

* Air Plant Design Studio – a provider of tropical air plants.

* Amborella Organics – a seller of seed-infused organic lollipops.

* Baked Bouquet – a maker of beautiful flower-shaped cupcakes.

* DV Closet – a personal styling app, with fashion news and opinions on the side.

* Venia Collection – inventive clothes from the mysterious team of ENI and NIGMA.



* The 2016 TechStyle NYC “Experience” Showcase


Lead-In Image Courtesy of TechStyle NYC