Designer To Watch: Meagan Ollari


After attending art and design school in New Jersey and San Francisco, and then designing for brands like Anthropologie and Guess, Meagan Ollari launched her own line, Ollari, in 2014.

Meagan’s sartorial style is bright, smart and a whole lot of fun. Within her collection, one can find earthy beads; backless tops; wide, low necklines; and bold tones.

Said Meagan: “I have a colorful personality and upbeat personal life, which I think definitely overflows into my work and is reflected in the brand itself. I design for women a lot like me – sensuous, feminine and bold.”

Here are highlights from Meagan’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, described as the “Bollywood Baby Doll Collection,” a series of super-cute and stylish looks that showcase Meagan’s creativity and reverence of texture.

As Meagan has said: “It is a passionate ambition of mine to develop the new and the untouched, delve into places no brand or designer has gone before, and inspire others along the way.”

To learn more about Meagan and to see more of her vibrant, playful pieces, please visit:












All images courtesy of Meagan Ollari and photographer Tammy Novak