Dress To Impress with… Number 35 Designer Andrea Cecile Cohen

In 2004, while on a business trip in Europe, Andrea Cecile Cohen came up with the concept for her UK fashion label number 35.

For some time she had grown immensely aware of the uninspiring and ill-fitting offerings available for modern businesswomen on the high street and in department stores. Using this as her spur, Andrea vowed to create a brand with great styling, luxurious fabrics, and tailoring that would celebrate the female form and offer professional women an inner sense of well being and confidence in the working environment.

In 2013 Andrea began an exciting collaboration with Dan Lawson, acclaimed Emmy® nominated costume designer for the popular CBS show The Good Wife. Together they created the new 35DL online ready-to-wear collection on sale now in both the UK and U.S.

How can a woman dress to impress in any situation? Andrea shares her thoughts below.


Andrea Cecile Cohen


Firstly, what does a woman need to “dress to impress”?

A woman should always dress to impress HERSELF. Her inner confidence is what exudes beauty.


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”…  in the office?

An “Intelligent Wardrobe” is the key to impressing in the office. This should be built of 5-10 key pieces that can work seamlessly together. These are the garments you turn to every morning in which you know you will feel amazing! Perhaps.. a well fitted jacket to pair perfectly with a pair of classic cut trousers, the perfect pencil skirt, a stunning structured dress that also works with a jacket. Every season, add a few essential items. Before you know it, you’ll have a wardrobe that you love and that loves you. Don’t be afraid to go into an exceptional retailer and spend a bit more on your pieces. You will find the fabric not only lasts longer, but also wears better.



Navy Mugler


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”… on a date?

The perfect look for a date is an understated sexy dress. This does not mean buying a low-cleavage short dress! Go for a beautifully-fitted, body-conscious dress that shows your figure in a flattering, elegant way. Accessorize with understated jewelry and stunning shoes. Most men want to see an chic woman on their arm.


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”…  on the campaign trail?

The most important thing to remember when dressing for the campaign trail is to select garments, fabrics, and styles that travel well. Simple elegance will entice the majority of the audience. Go for subtle colors so as not to offend. Simple refinement is the key to getting the wardrobe right.



Collar Cuff Dress


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”… on the beach?

The beach is one of the hardest areas in which to impress, as women are very conscious of their bodies, and hyper-aware of how others perceive them. The majority of women want to cover up. I recommend wearing  a simple, stylish one-piece and a great cover up. This will help you feel more confident about how you look. Being sun smart is sexy.


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”… at a social event?

Depending on what you’re attending…it’s always good to have a great day dress that can also take you into evening. Add some great shoes, some wonderful jewelry, and a stunning shawl, and you’ll be all set. We always recommend to our clients to wear what they feel comfortable in; that’s the key to looking amazing.


What does a woman need to “dress to impress”… while hosting at home?

It is critical to feel comfortable, yet still maintain that air of elegance. Find a great pair of trousers that work as well for the day as they do for the evening. Team that up with a sexy top and you’re done. It’s all about easy elegance.

To conclude – what you wear on the outside is a reflection of what and who you are on the inside.



Evening Trousers



All Images Courtesy of Andrea Cecile Cohen and number 35