Drink Of The Week:
The Storm Trooper, Imperial Pilsner

The Tai-Pan Beer Co. imports Australia’s best craft beers and ciders into Hong Kong, and when they sent out an e-flyer about a beer called the “Storm Trooper” we just had to learn more about it.

Here’s some more info from our friends at Tai-Pan.


Beer: Storm Trooper

Style: Imperial Pilsner

Alc/Vol: 8.1%

Company Description: “An unrebellious alliance — between Hop Master Brendan Varis (Feral Brewing) and Pilsner Master Neal Cameron (Australian Brewery) — has created a mighty Storm Trooper Imperial Pilsner.

“Feel the force of legions of experimental German hops barely held in check by the delicate strength of a classic but huge imperial pilsner. Drink or drink not, there is no try.”


Nice one, guys, our thirst has been awakened.




For more information about the Storm Trooper please contact the Tai-Pan Beer Co. or kindly visit their site.


Images Courtesy of Tai-Pan Beer Co.