Edith Piaf on Bleecker Street – An Illustrated Poem


Erik La Prade has always captured the spirit of city life through his evocative poems, but he’s now teamed up with illustrator S. Cranswick to add an extra layer of liveliness to his piece “Edith Piaf on Bleecker Street.”

Erik La Prade lives in New York.  His interviews and articles have appeared in Art In AmericaThe Brooklyn Railartcritical, and others. His latest book is A PLAGUE YEAR. Last Word Press. 2021. Some of his poems currently appear in J Journal.  He has a B.A. and M.A. from City College.

S. Cranswick has been working as a commercial illustrator/designer since 1972, as well as producing 2D and 3D fine art. She currently resides in Upstate NY.