Escape To… Ljubljana, Slovenia

In search of a European holiday with open-air farmers markets, accommodating locals, and regional wine?

And without the maddening summer crowds?

Then Ljubljana – Slovenia’s quaint and intimate capital – just might provide an ideal mid-summer escape. This mountain oasis is where culture meets nature.

What we love about Ljubljana is that there are no specific sights to track down. Sure it has orange-roofed castles, Baroque churches, and charming canals. These and many of the town’s assets seem naturally woven into the fabric of this town, making any visit hassle and map-free.

The city is steeped in mythological history. It’s said that Jason and the Argonauts made their way through Ljubljana, where he slayed a dragon, who stood in his way and his golden fleece. To this day, the dragon is revered by the locals, emblazoned on  the city flag and the ubiquitous Union beer label.


Any visit to Ljubljana must include a trip to Lake Bled – arguably the highlight of Slovenia. Just 40 km outside the capital, the lake – surrounded by dense green forest -boasts breathtaking aqua blue-green waters. Sunbathers from the Balkans and beyond swim in the lake’s crisp, clear, and clean waters. With such incredible scenery, the lake is reminiscent of Eden, especially given a majestic island church that juts out.


Getting there: daily flights to Ljubljana (LJU) available from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Istanbul, and more European cities.



Lead-In Image Courtesy of Scott Wong/

Dragon Bridge Image Courtesy of  Matej Kastelic/

Lake Bled Image Courtesy of Sam Whiskey/NewsWhistle